chemical experiment

Photography2022-05-14 19:28:44

It is said that the students will take the chemistry exam these two days 、 Physics experiments , I'm worried about failing the exam , I asked them. , What did you do in class ? All giggling . It's obvious , I'm sure I didn't listen well in class , After the exam, I began to worry .

Think of your school days , I'll be so happy to go to the laboratory to do experiments , Every step and every requirement in class will be carefully recorded and looked at , Next, the students in the class will discuss and repeat the experimental steps , If any mistake is found, it will be corrected in time . So wait until the experiment , The experimental results of our class are generally in the front , The teacher is also very pleased , Very serious in class . Mainly curious , Why does this and that change color , Why does this disappear into the solution . At that time, there were really few channels to obtain information , There is not much to do except study , Fall in love , No one likes being ugly , Go online and play games. There's not so much money . But now think about , I'm glad I didn't do too many messy things .

Let me think about those experimental steps , It shouldn't have changed much , Why don't today's students like learning , I don't like doing experiments ?

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