Save a dollar by wit

Photography2022-05-14 19:28:31

Buy breakfast , A vegetable bag and a cup of soybean milk , My aunt calculated three yuan for me . Isn't it usually $2.5 ? I looked at the numbers on the machine , Didn't put the meal card on it immediately .

I handed the steamed stuffed bun on my hand forward , Say to your aunt :“ Vegetable bag , Do you want three dollars ?”

Asked the aunt :“ Isn't this a meat bag ?” Then he observed it carefully , Still reading that this is a meat bag , But when she turned it over and looked again , Just suddenly realized the enlightenment :“ Oh ! It's a vegetable bag ! Meat bag and vegetable bag look too much alike !”

Fortunately, facts have proved that my judgment is correct , Otherwise, I'll have to reassess how to distinguish the vegetable bags .

Because of my quick reaction , And their own wit ( Sensitivity to numbers because of stinginess ), So that I won't lose 50 cents for nothing .

Go to the supermarket after class in the evening , Bought a few things , Including one 45g Corn intestines . Tell the truth , I thought it was 70g Of , After all, under the basket of it and its partners , The subject matter is “70g”“2.5 element ” Such words .

When calculating money , It was found that it was a piece of three , I thought I got a bargain , Take a closer look, it turned out to be 45g Of . I don't know for a moment whether it's joy or sorrow , So it was calculated , See which portion is more cost-effective .

With 45g sell 1.3 Yuan as a condition , After a simple calculation , obtain 70g The price of is about equal to 2.02 element , Then the price 2.5 Yuan is on the high side . If I buy 70g Of , It's equivalent to spending nearly 50 cents more !

Fortunately, I bought a small portion by chance , That's 50 cents saved , Plus the savings in the morning , I saved nearly a dollar today !

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