Is qiniu school a regular institution

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:28:17
Is qiniu school a regular institution

Take the answer 1:
Hello , As a third-party financial training institution, qiniu school is formal , It also has a business license , If you want to learn the course knowledge, you can , But you don't have permission to open an account , You need to find a securities company to handle , Online opening is simple and fast

One 、 Prepare your ID card and bank card
Two 、 Ask for a link from the account manager and register
3、 ... and 、 Choose a good business department
Four 、 sign an agreement
5、 ... and 、 Upload the front and back photos of the ID card
6、 ... and 、 Fill in your personal information
7、 ... and 、 Start video authentication , Or you can use artificial video
8、 ... and 、 Select the opened market account , Just decide according to your needs
Nine 、 Set transaction password and fund password , This password will be used for login and transaction
Ten 、 Then wait for the audit message

If you need to open a stock account, you can contact me , Domestic listed securities companies serve you wholeheartedly , Get exclusive for free vip Account , Click on the top right corner to contact me !

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