What happens if the futures account is overdrawn?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:27:52
What happens if the futures account is overdrawn ?

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Hello! , If the futures account is overdrawn, it may be forced to close the position . According to the rules of the exchange , Once the available funds in the futures account are negative, it indicates that the margin is insufficient , According to the regulations, futures companies have strong and equal power , But generally, the customer will be informed of the risk in advance before Qiang Ping , I hope the customer can find a suitable opportunity to deal with the U-turn position , If the risk cannot contact the customer at the first time and the market is extreme, it may be dealt with directly .
Investors are advised not to leverage too much , Lever is a double-edged sword , Amplifying profits will also amplify risks , Reasonable control of positions 、 Pay close attention to the changes of account funds in real time , Don't be a passive trader .
I hope the above answers are helpful to you , I wish you every success in your investment .

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