What does Xiaobai learn about financial management? What does WeiMiao business school do

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:27:49
What does Xiaobai learn from WeiMiao business school

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Not reliable . In recent days, , CCTV exposed the popular online financial management course or financial business course routine , Another big pit was arranged for us . But before the CCTV exposure , Many people have been deceived , Some people find that they can't learn the corresponding financial knowledge after paying the money , The course is very watery , It's all online 9 block 9 Courses you can buy . So here comes the question , How did these treasure mothers get fooled ?

1 The more you want to make money easily, the easier it is to be fooled by CCTV “ Tenfold school ” The company focused on , How does this company make money ? First , The company will attract people's attention through advertising , The simplest way is to drain at a low price . Little white people just need to spend 1 You can enter Xiaobai's financial management course for yuan , Learn how to make money quickly . Theoretically , this 1 Yuan courses are often the essence of the whole course , They will give some dry goods to these little white people who come in because of greed for cheap , In addition, they will draw big cakes for them , Let them feel that they are only one master away from wealth and freedom .

Just before they had a good time , Teachers will advise them to take more advanced courses , Because it's more professional . Many students are in the atmosphere , Will unknowingly sign up for advanced courses . The cost of advanced courses is not 1 Yuan is so cheap , But the price of thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan . Some students may also say , I don't have that much money , It doesn't matter. , They've figured out a way for you , Directly connect with small loan companies for you , Just pay in installments .

It is suggested that we should go to a securities company to open a securities account , Only in this way can the account be guaranteed .

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