Chaoyang, Beijing: from now on, during the three-day screening period, reduce mobility, take the initiative to detect, and don't miss one person

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A briefing

5 month 12 Japan , Prevention and control of New Coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing city 332 Press conference to release the news , In order to quickly block the transmission channel of the virus , Clear the social surface as soon as possible , from 5 month 13 The day begins , Take advantage of the weekend window , In Dongcheng for three consecutive days 、 Westlife 、 The rising sun 、 Haidian et al 12 Regional nucleic acid screening was carried out in four districts . Screening period ,13 Advocate home office on Friday ,14 Japan 15 Rest at home on Saturday and Sunday , Reduce flow , Participate in nucleic acid detection on site .

In order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures proposed by the city , Reduce mobility during the three-day screening period , The original prevention and control measures in our district will not be adjusted . In the next step, we will comprehensively study and judge according to the nucleic acid detection results and flow regulation investigation , Take corresponding prevention and control measures . I hope the general public and friends understand 、 Support 、 coordination .

Epidemic prevention and control is a national action , There is no spectator , No outsiders , Need the support and cooperation of the whole society . Everyone's nucleic acid detection is very important to realize the dynamic clearing of society as soon as possible , I hope citizens and friends will take the initiative to participate in three-day nucleic acid testing , leave no one behind .

The battle between Beijing and the epidemic is in a stalemate , We must insist on “ Dynamic reset ” The general policy will not waver , Pay close attention to the anti epidemic window period , Firm confidence in winning , Overcome all difficulties , Stop the virus transmission chain as soon as possible , To achieve social clearance , Win the battle of prevention and control .

Novel coronavirus infects pneumonia in Chaoyang District, Beijing

Epidemic prevention and Control Leading Group Office

2022 year 5 month 13 Japan

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