Shaanxi added a locally confirmed case yesterday

Ocean network - Society2022-05-14 19:27:19

5 month 12 Japan 0-24 when , Newly reported local confirmed cases in Shaanxi 1 example ( Well being ).

Locally confirmed cases : male ,51 year , Ankang City Report .5 month 11 I drove back to Ankang Hanyin from other provinces on the th , At the exit of Puxi expressway, it is transferred to the centralized isolation point in a closed loop , Nucleic acid test results were positive during centralized isolation ,5 month 12 A novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Nikkei municipal expert group ( light ), At present, they are treated in isolation in designated medical institutions .

5 month 12 Japan 0-24 when , There is no new report of confirmed cases imported from abroad 、 suspected case 、 Asymptomatic infections .( Head office reporter Yan Xingguang Meng Tao )

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