Rumors of "suspension of passport" and "corner cutting of green card" are untrue. At present, it is still necessary to minimize unnecessary cross-border activities of personnel

Ocean network - Society2022-05-14 19:27:16

The spokesman of the National Immigration administration said in an interview with the news media recently : Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , The National Immigration administration will unswervingly implement “ External defense input 、 Internal anti rebound ” The overall strategy , Implement a strict and tight exit and entry policy , The broad masses of the people fully understand 、 Respond positively , Consciously do not leave the country unless it is necessary or urgent , Effectively reduce the number of outbound infectious diseases 、 Risk of epidemic in China . Immigration management institutions at all levels in all localities earnestly follow the requirements of the CPC Central Committee on efficient overall planning and normalization of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development , On the basis of adhering to the safety of epidemic prevention, constantly optimize the entry-exit management measures ; For going abroad, returning to work, production and study, and economic and trade 、 scientific research 、 School and other necessary activities and medical treatment 、 Take care of people with urgent humanitarian reasons such as critically ill patients , Accept and approve passports and certificates in time , Go through the formalities for going abroad , Minimize the impact on normal production 、 Study 、 The impact of life and necessary personnel exchanges ; For going abroad to participate in epidemic prevention and anti epidemic 、 Personnel and means of Transport Transporting disaster relief materials and fresh agricultural products shall provide expedited license processing and customs clearance facilities , Effectively guarantee the supply chain 、 The industrial chain is safe and stable .

In the near future , Some overseas media appear in China “ Stop processing passports ”“ Cutting corners on green cards is forbidden to leave the country ” False news , Distort and discredit our exit and entry management policy , In order to interfere with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control 、 accurate 、 Effective exit and entry management measures . It is hoped that the majority of entry-exit personnel will not believe the rumors , In case of immigration problems , Through the service window of the local entry-exit management department 、 The government website of the National Immigration Administration 、 Wechat Weibo government new media platform or call “12367”24 Consult the 24-hour service hotline to understand relevant policies , Accurately grasp authoritative information .

At present , The global pandemic is far from over , There is still great uncertainty about the development of the epidemic , The risk of epidemic infection abroad is still high , Domestic personnel still need to continue to insist on not leaving the country unless it is necessary or urgent , Ensure personal health and safety , Jointly safeguard the hard won major strategic achievements of epidemic prevention and resistance .

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