One confirmed case occurred in Daxing, Beijing, and Zaolin village, Qingyundian town was sealed off

Ocean network - Society2022-05-14 19:26:39

According to the office of the leading group for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Daxing District, Beijing today (13 Japan ) Published messages ,2022 year 5 month 12 Japan , A confirmed case of COVID-19 occurred in Zaolin village, Qingyundian Town, Daxing District, Beijing , According to the opinions of the disease control department , The relevant matters concerning the closure of Zaolin village, Qingyundian Town, Daxing District are hereby notified as follows :

1. since 2022 year 5 month 13 Japan 0 At the time of its , Zaolin village, Qingyundian Town, Daxing District is designated as a sealed off area , implement “ Regional closure 、 Never leave home 、 Door to door service ” Control measures .

2. During containment , The majority of villagers should participate in nucleic acid and antigen testing as required , And do a good job in home self-health monitoring , In case of fever 、 Cough and other symptoms should be reported to the village committee in time , At the same time, actively cooperate with the implementation of various prevention and control measures and flow regulation , For refusing to obey management 、 Break in and out without permission 、 Concealing the itinerary , The public security organ will investigate the relevant responsibilities according to law .

During containment , Please don't spread rumors 、 Don't believe in rumors 、 Don't tale , In case of difficulty or consultation , Please call Zaolin village committee :80214746; Qingyundian town prevention and control office Tel :80281490; Qingyundian Town Service Hotline :80215880.

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