Heavy rainfall continues to force, and there are still heavy rainstorms in South China

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China Weather News today (5 month 13 Japan ), The center of gravity of heavy rainfall will remain stable in South China , among , guangxi 、 guangdong 、 There are rainstorms or heavy rainstorms in some areas of Fujian and other places . Temperature , Under the continuous suppression of cold air , The state of low temperature in many places in China will continue until the weekend , Remind the public to adjust their clothes in time according to the temperature change , Avoid getting a cold .

Heavy rainfall in South China continues to force 15 Day and night tend to end

It started yesterday , This round of heavy rainfall has entered the strongest period , There is continuous heavy rainfall in many places in South China . Monitoring shows ,12 Japan 08 these 13 Japan 06 when , South central and East Guangdong 、 Southeast Guangxi 、 Southeast Fujian 、 Rainstorms occurred in parts of southeast Zhejiang and other places , Guangdong zhuhai 、 Jiangmen 、 Shenzhen 、 Shanwei 、 Heavy rain in Heyuan and Zhangzhou, Fujian , Zhuhai, Guangdong and Jiangmen 、 Shanwei and other local torrential rains .

The Central Weather Station predicts , In the next three days , The range of heavy rainfall in South China is gradually narrowing , There are still heavy rain to heavy rain along the coast .

The specific term , today , Southeast Guangxi 、 Most of Guangdong 、 Eastern and southern Fujian and southern Gansu 、 South Shaanxi 、 Most of Sichuan Basin 、 Southeast Tibet 、 Hainan Island 、 There are moderate to heavy rains in parts of Taiwan Island and other places , among , The southeast coast of Guangxi 、 The south coast of Guangdong 、 Southeast coast of Fujian 、 Central Sichuan Basin 、 There are rainstorms or heavy rainstorms in some areas of central and Northern Taiwan Island .

Tomorrow, , Southern and Eastern Sichuan 、 Chongqing 、 East Yunnan 、 Southeast Tibet 、 guizhou 、 Southwest Hubei 、 Central and Northern Hunan 、 Central Jiangxi 、 East Guangxi 、 South central Guangdong 、 East coast of Fujian 、 Northeast of Hainan Island 、 There is moderate to heavy rain in some areas such as Taiwan Island , among , There is rainstorm or heavy rainstorm in most of Taiwan Island .

The meteorological department reminds , The characteristics of night rain in the process of continuous heavy rainfall in southern China are significant , Please reduce the time of outdoor activities at night in the affected areas , Don't take it lightly . Zengcheng, Guangdong 、 Conghua 、 Longmen 、 Heyuan and other localities need to pay special attention to prevent mountain torrents and geological disasters , In addition, Guangzhou 、 Heyuan 、 dongguan 、 The risk of waterlogging in Huizhou and other cities is also relatively high , We need to be vigilant .

The cold air continues “ Do business ” The low temperature in many places continued until the weekend

Temperature , In the next few days , Cold air continues to expand the scope of influence , The state of low temperature in many places will continue until this weekend . The Central Weather Station predicts , Affected by cold air ,13 Japan 08 these 17 Japan 08 when , Most of the South 、 There will be... In the central and western regions of Northwest China and western Xinjiang 4~6℃ cool , South of the south of the Yangtze River 、 East of South China 、 East Sichuan Basin 、 Some areas in the northwest, southwest and other places can cool down to 8℃ above . Like Lanzhou ,11 The daily maximum temperature is still 28.8℃, But today it will fall to 15℃ Up and down .

The temperature drop in the South lags slightly , expect 15 Around the day , Southern Anhui 、 Most of Zhejiang 、 Northwest Fujian 、 Eastern Hubei 、 The maximum temperature in most of Hunan and other places will be generally insufficient 20℃;16 Around the day , The highest temperature in most of Guangdong is only 20℃ about .

It's good to start at the weekend , The temperature in some places will rise one after another , It is expected that next week , The temperature in most of China can basically return to the perennial level or slightly higher , The warmth and heat this season should have will return .

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