The willows near the broken bridge of Hangzhou West Lake have been replanted overnight. Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot responded that it will be held accountable after in-depth investigation

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today , The Management Committee of Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot issued a notice saying : Last night, (5 month 12 Japan ), Hangzhou West Lake Beishan street, which has attracted the attention of citizens and tourists ( Broken Bridge - Baoji road section ) along the lake 7 Willow trees have been replanted . Because the crown of the hanging bell tree on Beishan street has extended to the lake , In order to minimize the collision between the new willow and the crown of sycamore , These two days , The Management Committee of Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot organizes a professional garden team , Go to the nursery around Hangzhou to find high-quality willow seedlings suitable for this area , Repeatedly compare and select the height 、 size 、 Appearance and form , Try to ensure that the new willow can integrate into the existing growth environment , Coordinate with the West Lake landscape , Try to restore the original landscape .

Every plant and tree in the West Lake , Brick by brick , Should be cherished . After willow planting , Through special monitoring 、 Health examination and follow-up observation , Find problems in willow growth in time , Take reasonable maintenance measures , So as to promote the healthy growth of willows . For willow growth, there is not enough sunshine 、 The lack of space , As the willow grows, the Platanus acerifolia will be properly trimmed , Do your best to ensure the healthy growth of newly planted willows , Close to the West Lake .

In the near future , Some citizens reported that the entrance area of LIULANG Wenying has been planted 40 The willow tree has a small diameter , It is quite different from the original appearance , We have urgently purchased products close to the original willow products 40 Willow tree , Will be in 14 Replace it in place before the morning of the th . before , Hangzhou West Lake landscape improvement and transformation , Lakeside 7 The removal of a willow tree and its replacement with a rose flower caused controversy . The relevant person in charge of Yuemiao Management Office of West Lake scenic spot management committee said , The willow trees along the lake from the broken bridge of Beishan street to the intersection of Baochu grow under the crown of Campanula trees , Not getting enough light for a long time , Aging occurs 、 empty 、“ Humpback ” And severe tilt , Some of them have potential safety hazards . And then , Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Spot Management Committee official microblog on 5 month 11 On the evening of the th, a situation statement was issued, indicating that , Will respect experts 、 Based on the opinions of citizens and other parties , The selection height is not high 、 The willows with beautiful shapes are replanted .

In response to this incident , The Management Committee of Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot said it would adhere to seeking truth from facts , Ineffective performance of duties of relevant units and personnel 、 Conduct in-depth investigation on dereliction of duty and responsibility , Investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel according to regulations and disciplines .

The Management Committee of Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot also said , They will always , We will further protect every plant and plant in the West Lake with our hearts, feelings and actions , Take good care of the landscape plants carrying culture and emotion , Protect the mountains and waters of the West Lake .

( Head office reporter Yu Chen Yang Xixi )

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