A man in Hainan was fined 600 yuan for cooking in the open air? Official: no real punishment

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5 month 12 Japan , An online document in Hainan shows , An old man was fined for cooking in the open air 600 element , This has aroused heated discussion among netizens .12 On the afternoon of Sunday , The local town government staff told the Jimu news reporter , The document is true , But the document is just a notice , The villagers concerned have complained to the town government , No more fines .

The online document is a prior notice of administrative punishment issued by the people's Government of Da'an Town, Ledong Li Autonomous County, Hainan . The notice mentions ,5 month 10 Japan , When the law enforcement officers of Da'an Town conducted on-site inspection on the field of team 3 of Xili Village Committee , A villager was found burning a fire in the open air to cook , The generated flue gas causes great pollution to the surrounding environment . According to the relevant laws and regulations , The villager is to be punished with 600 Yuan fine .

picture source : Live Hainan

picture source : Live Hainan

12 Japan , The staff of the people's Government of Da'an Town told the Jimu news reporter , The online documents are true , But this document is only a notice , Document distribution 5 Intraday , The party concerned can appeal to the town government . at present , The villager and his family have complained to the town government , The town discussed and decided not to punish him , But he was orally educated about his behavior of cooking in the field ,“ The staff may have some defects in the process of law enforcement , But also in the performance of their duties , It will be improved later .”

Xili village party secretary told Jimu news reporter , The villager in the notice is an old man , He usually lives in the house next to his betel nut field . Local villagers burn straw after harvesting crops, which will lead to air pollution , So the village installed cameras in the fields to monitor . The old man's betel nut field is just close to the camera , So the smoke from his cooking in the open air in the field was monitored .

picture source : Live Hainan

“ In fact, it's not really punishing him , I just hope to give some warning to the villagers after the announcement , Reduce straw burning .” The village Party Secretary introduced , The village committee was ready to pay a fine , If 5 The old man didn't file a complaint within days , The village committee staff will help him pay the fine .

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