Car market talk | disclosure of the measured quality of a Xiaopeng P7 running 300000 kilometers normally

Car market talk2022-05-14 19:25:40

【2022 year 5 month 13 Japan 】 With the development of new energy vehicle industry and market, it is gradually mature , New energy owners' pursuit of cars is not limited to intelligence , Quality and safety have become the core considerations of users' car purchase decision . How to bring intelligent and reassuring travel experience to users , It has become an important proposition of new energy vehicles .

If a car runs every year 2 Ten thousand kilometers , Then drive 30 Ten thousand kilometers will take 15 year , This is far beyond the warranty mileage , Even for fuel vehicles, it is a very extreme mileage . For new energy vehicles , Whether the battery is damaged or the consumption of vulnerable parts ,30 The detection of 10000 km products can also meet the product service cycle of most users .

In recent days, , Xiaopeng automobile aims at the performance and battery life that car owners pay attention to , Found a real user driving more than 30 Ten thousand kilometers “ Old car ”, There was a “30 10000 kilometers Xiaopeng P7 Quality measurement ”, Start an industry for 30 10000 km limit mileage is the precedent of intelligent vehicle quality test .

Limit test Display quality

5 month 13 Japan , This scene “30 10000 kilometers Xiaopeng P7 Quality measurement ”, In Xiaopeng P7 Experience Officer 、 Third party testing agency 、 Under the joint evaluation of many multimedia . The used car appraiser checked the driving at the scene 30 Ten thousand kilometers of Xiaopeng P7 Conducted static tasting and dynamic test drive , Comprehensive inspection of Xiaopeng P7 Quality .

chart 1: Already driving 30 Ten thousand kilometers P7, The appearance is the same as that of a new car

chart 2: The actual range has exceeded 30 Thousands of kilometers

This car is on 2020 year 10 Xiaopeng delivered in September P7, by 670 Rear drive Zhizun version , deliver 1 And a half years or so , It is the working vehicle of the user's personal business . A senior expert on used cars from Beijing CRRC Technology Center said after testing :“ Static aspects : This Xiaopeng P7 The body structure is complete without damage , From interior to exterior , Basically as new ; On the dynamic side , Smooth power output , stay 60km/h、80km/h、100km/h Working condition NVH The data is in the normal range , Emergency start 、 The braking and steering control are similar to the new car data ; We are most concerned about the customers and the customers , After testing, the car is the original battery , Not replaced . At present, the measured endurance is 530-540km, by 670 Version of the model NEDC Endurance 80%, Ideal , The comprehensive assessment of the vehicle condition is very good . Three electricity system is also an important condition for residual value evaluation of new energy vehicles , Xiao Peng can see P7 The hedge rate is very high .”

chart 3: The professional appraisal organization shall strictly test the whole vehicle

On the same day, a group of invited media talked about driving 30 Ten thousand kilometers of Xiaopeng P7 Conducted static tasting and dynamic test drive , From interior appearance to performance 、 The three electrical performances were tested by immersion , Feeling the extreme challenge, Xiao Peng P7 Quality and strength , The media test results are consistent with those of professional evaluation institutions : In static test , It can be seen that 30 Ten thousand kilometers of Xiaopeng P7 The exterior paint surface of the car body is flat and smooth , No obvious wear , The waist lines on both sides are flat 、 Straight slip ; The door switch has no abnormal noise or looseness , And the quiet effect in the car is good , And ordinary mileage Xiaopeng P7 There is no obvious difference between , It can be seen that the excellent assembly process ensures the tightness of the whole vehicle body . interiors , Except for the slight depression of the seat , Basically as new .

In the next dynamic test , Through the bumpy road 、 Continuous curve 、 Snake around pile and other subjects , Yes 30 10000 kilometers Xiaopeng P7 The dynamic performance was tested . In motion , The car starts quickly , There is an obvious feeling of pushing back when accelerating 、 Full power, smooth switching between acceleration and deceleration . The steering wheel is also more responsive , It's easy to turn in a sharp turn , At the same time, the braking sensitivity is good , Speed 60km-0 Emergency braking can also cope well , Moderate vibration during driving . As a whole , It's hard to see if it's a moving car 30 Ten thousand kilometers .

chart 4:30 Thousands of kilometers P7 And ordinary P7 Subject comparison

chart 5:30 Thousands of kilometers P7 Dynamic measurement

Leading intelligent manufacturing Create quality

Pass this test , Xiao peng P7 An experiment revealed a car passing by 30 Thousands of kilometers “ suffering ” Quality and internal skill after , It proves with its strength that the veteran does not exist , All test results are online . Can withstand such a severe test , It is inseparable from Xiaopeng automobile's application of leading intelligent manufacturing technology and strict requirements for quality from beginning to end .

Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base is used as “ Quality intelligent manufacturing factory ”, It's Xiao Peng P7 The source of reliable quality . The intelligent manufacturing base is in full accordance with industrial standards 4.0 standard , From stamping 、 Welding 、 Painting 、 From the final assembly to the flexible battery assembly line “ System wide ” Digital intelligent production line .

Stamping shop , It has CNC molding equipment imported from Germany , The forming accuracy of parts reaches 0.1mm. Institution transference , From face to body , Make sure every little detail is kept improving . Welding workshop as the basis of vehicle quality , The automation rate of Xiaopeng's primary and secondary assembly reaches 100%. Fully applied in the factory MES Management system , With dynamic real-time display of vehicle position 、 Video monitoring of key stations 、QMS Quality input 、 Automatic generation of production statistics report and other functions , Guarantee efficiency and quality . Every Xiaopeng from Zhaoqing factory P7, The factory is a high-quality product .

From R & D verification to intelligent manufacturing , Xiao peng P7 Quality control of the whole process ,18 A quality gate , The dynamic and static test items exceed 1700 term , Key function inspection items 200% Check . meanwhile , Have test vehicles 250 platform ,151 An experimental project , The cumulative test mileage exceeds 500 Thousands of kilometers , Always keep the quality standard with strict standards . Such hard work , Just cast Xiaopeng P7 Strong quality and strength .

chart 6: Xiaopeng automobile intelligent manufacturing factory

Superdimensional test , Tamp the quality

For the new energy vehicle battery that we are most concerned about , Xiaopeng automobile has passed dozens of super tests with high scores , Include : Long soak test 、 External fire test 、 Mechanical impact test 、 Extrusion test 、 Thermal diffusion and temperature shock test 、 Overcharge and discharge test 、 Short circuit test, etc , It covers all scenarios that users may encounter , It also includes many extreme scenes that will not be encountered in life .

chart 7: Soak in water 、 destroy by fire 、 impact 、 extrusion , The battery of every Xiaopeng car , Have to go through such a harsh test

besides , Xiaopeng also conducted many public limit tests , Include :550 Hours P7 Seawater flushing experiment of BIW 、 Extreme cold test beyond the national standard ,65℃ High temperature challenge in the car, etc , The final experimental results have achieved excellent results under the appraisal of a third-party professional organization .

chart 8: Xiao peng P7 BIW 550 Hour seawater flushing experiment

The high quality + Low cost of use : Open to 30 ten thousand , save 30 ten thousand

At a time when the prices of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles are both rising , Vehicle cost is the focus of all users . This one has been open for a year and a half 30 Ten thousand kilometers P7 For example , The price of household electricity is 0.56 element / degree , Drive according to 30 Ten thousand kilometers , Xiao peng P7 The rear drive long life version is fully charged (80.9 degree ) Of NEDC Mileage to 670 km , The cumulative charging cost of the owner is 2.54 Ten thousand yuan 【(300000/670)×80.9×0.56 element 】.

Compare fuel vehicles , According to the average fuel consumption 10.0L/100km, Oil prices have entered 9 Metaera , The average oil price is based on 9.0 element /L Calculation ,30 The total oil price per 10000 km is 27 Ten thousand yuan 【300000/100×10×9 element 】.

It can be seen clearly , The refueling cost of fuel vehicles alone is higher than that of Xiaopeng P7 Above the limit 25 ten thousand , This is not Xiaopeng overcharge, free charging 、 Charging, parking free and reduced oil filter 、 Maintenance costs such as engine failure , If all are calculated , Then drive to 30 Ten thousand kilometers of Xiaopeng P7 Save... Than fuel cars 30 Wan can really achieve . It's equivalent to buying a car P7, You can earn a new one after you use it B Class a fare , It fully confirms Xiaopeng P7 The high quality 、 Low cost product features .

chart 9:30 10000 kilometers Xiaopeng P7 And 30 Cost comparison of 10000 km fuel vehicles

It also reflects P7 The high quality 、 The low use cost also includes the used car preservation rate , stay 《2021 Annual ranking of pure electric vehicle hedging rate in China 》 in , Xiao peng P7 The hedge ratio of is 20-30 The first place in the 10000 range , achieve 73.19%, Leading models of the same level .

chart 10:《2021 Annual ranking of pure electric vehicle hedging rate in China 》P7 Gain the first prize 1

Pengpai quality : It starts with beauty , Loyal to quality

chart 11: Xiao peng P7 get C-NCAP、i-VISTA、J.D.Power Highest achievement certification

2021 year P7 Cumulative delivery 60569 platform , It's the new power pure tram type TOP1;2022 year 3 month , The first 10 Thousands of cars P7 Offline , To be the first breakthrough 10 Ten thousand pure electric new power models ; Same year 3 month ,P7 Monthly sales breakthrough for the first time 9000 platform , Create a new power and a new record of pure tram …… Fruitful achievements , It is the user's recognition of Xiaopeng's quality . And this time Xiaopeng P7 Of 30 10000 km quality test , It is Xiaopeng's confidence in product quality , It is also the best commitment to user trust .

As an industry leader , Xiao Peng's car “ Pengpai quality ”DNA The sun is shining : Adhere to quality and intelligent manufacturing as the cornerstone , Take the quality control system as the guarantee , Bring intelligent and reassuring travel experience to more users , Finally, more pengyou can feel “ It starts with beauty , Trapped in intelligence , Loyal to quality ” The ultimate charm of .

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