Algae system "transformed" renewable biological photovoltaic cell

The size of the system is similar to AA Battery equivalent , Contains a non-toxic algae called Synechocystis , Energy can be naturally obtained from the sun through photosynthesis , The tiny current generated by it interacts with the aluminum electrode and is used to power the microprocessor .


The system consists of ordinary 、 Cheap and mostly recyclable materials . This means that it can be easily copied hundreds of thousands of times , As part of the Internet of things, it supplies power to a large number of small devices . The researchers say , It is most useful in off grid situations or in remote areas , In these places, a small amount of electricity can produce great benefits .

Co senior author of the paper 、 Christopher, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK · Professor Hao said :“ The growing Internet of things needs more and more electricity , We think it must come from a system that can produce energy , Instead of simply storing energy like a battery .” And the photosynthetic device will not run out of power like a battery , Because it constantly uses light as energy .

In the experiment , The device has been proved to be widely used to power microprocessors of Internet of things devices . The Internet of things is a huge and growing network of electronic devices , Each device uses only a small amount of power , Collect and share real-time data through the Internet . Use low-cost computer chips and wireless networks , Billions of devices become part of the network , From smart watches to temperature sensors in power stations . To 2035 year , This figure is expected to grow to one trillion devices , Need a lot of portable energy .

The researchers also explained why the device can operate in a domestic environment or semi outdoor conditions under natural light and related temperature fluctuations . Algae do not need to be fed , It produces its own food during photosynthesis , Although photosynthesis requires light , But the device can even continue to generate electricity in the dark , This is because algae continue to process some food without light , And this will continue to produce an electric current .

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