"Losing the iPhone is like losing the soul", Buffett was moved by his friend's words when investing in apple

“ I feel like I've lost a part of my soul ,” the 90 The multi-year-old told one of Buffett's deputies 、 Apple Long time fan Ted · Weiss cherry (Ted Weschler).

Weschler shared gotzman's story with Buffett . Buffett was surprised to find , One of his friends was so obsessed with Apple's device at his age . as everyone knows , Buffett has been avoiding technology stocks , Think they're not in his “ Capability range ” within .

Buffett noticed that people are interested in intelligence mobile phone The degree of obsession , Including his grandchildren who go to Dairy Queen When . He thinks that iPhone It is indispensable for many people , And for a long time .

The author of this new book Tripp Mickle In the book :“ He realized that Weschler was right :iPhone It's not a technology product , It's a modern version of kraft macaroni and cheese .”

at that time , Weschler has established... At Berkshire 10 $100 million Apple position , But Buffett invested again in the next few years 350 Billion dollars . Since then , The value of this investment has more than tripled , The value of its shares soared to 1330 Billion dollars . Apple is undoubtedly the most valuable stock in Berkshire's current portfolio , Berkshire is Apple's largest individual shareholder .

Buffett lists apple as one of the best companies he knows . stay 2021 In the letter to shareholders in , He compared Berkshire's investment in apple with the traditional insurance business 、BNSF Railcorp and Berkshire Hathaway energy are listed as one of Berkshire's four pillar businesses .

It is worth noting that , Buffett slightly increased his holdings of apple stock in the first quarter , As of the end of the first quarter , Buffett holds apple for about 9.11 Million shares , About 50% of the company's shares 5.6%.

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