Google's open source "skin color research" allows the beauty camera to accurately reflect the diversity of skin color

stay Google I/O 2022 During the conference ,Google Responsible AI Introduction I got a new one called Skin Tone Research( Skin color research ) Free open source development tools , The tool takes advantage of Ellis Monk Doctor ( Harvard professors and sociologists ) Of Monk Skin Tone Scale(MST gauge , A contain 10 A measure of chromaticity ), To make AI more inclusive , Better for all users .

Computer vision (CV) It's an artificial intelligence , It allows computers to " See and understand " Images , But at present, due to people's prejudice or discrimination against people with darker skin color , Global inequality has long existed , Also known as “ Colorism ”.“ Colorism ” As a result, today's systems are not designed with everyone in mind , Computer vision may not " notice " and " understand " Dark skinned people , Can't accurately reflect skin color , This could exacerbate existing inequalities .

In the speech at the conference ,Google Says their research shows that 「 Compared with current industry standards , More people think Monk Skin Tone Scale Can more accurately reflect their skin color , This is especially true for people with darker skin 」.

actually Google Has been used in its own products MST The scale has been for some time , Mainly used to improve their performance in Google Photo albums and Google How to understand and present skin color in products such as search , Now with Google Open source Skin Tone Research development tool , All developers around the world can use it , To improve the drawing 、 The camera , And the user experience of software such as image search .

Nowadays, many AI programs were originally designed to optimize image quality , But its optimization procedures for different races are very different , Even cause “ Reverse optimization ” And criticized by users . Take apple for example , They were in iPhone XS The beauty effect is added to the self-contained camera , But because the effect is not ideal , Received a large number of complaints from users , Apple directly removed this feature in subsequent system upgrades .

Google I hope others will MST The scale is incorporated into their development process , Jointly improve this field of artificial intelligence . although Google Skin color research is a big step towards creating a more inclusive tomorrow , But inclusiveness is a social problem , It's not just a company that can do it alone . I hope more companies can join in , Give Way AI No longer biased . The source code of the project has not been disclosed yet .

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