Nim V2 proposal: eliminate style insensitive syntax features

Nim Language core developers Dominik Picheta  publish A study on Nim v2 Proposal for .

He said ,Nim v2 Under development , This will be a backward compatible version .v2 The original plan was just to gc Change to default orc. But now he has a more ambitious idea ——

Dominik Picheta It is suggested that Nim v2 The cancellation style is not sensitive (Style Insensitivity) Syntax features of , Give Way Nim Become Completely case sensitive Programming language . He said , The reason for this proposal is not that style insensitivity leads to mistakes , Or make unfamiliar Nim Cause trouble for people . It's that it's a fundamental obstacle to people's understanding of Nim Attempts to . in the final analysis , Everyone hopes that Nim grow up ,Dominik I think this may be a good way . And it's quite easy to change ( At least in the compiler ), And it should reduce people's awareness of Nim A fallible view , Because the identifier may be mistaken .

historically ,Nim It's a kind of Completely style insensitive language . This means that it is case insensitive and ignores underscores , also foo and Foo There is not even a difference between .

at present Nim Provides --styleCheck Options , Allow developers to choose whether their code is case sensitive . For more information , Read this comment .

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