Here comes docker desktop for Linux

Docker Desktop for Linux It is now fully available , For the use of Linux The developers of desktop environment provide with the current macOS and Windows Exactly the same Docker Desktop Experience . The official in the In announcement Yes. Linux Thanks from the developer community ,“ Many of you have provided valuable feedback on earlier versions , And very friendly to give us time to talk about Desktop for Linux The expectations of the !”

According to the introduction ,Docker Desktop Is an easy to install application , Enables users to build and share containerized applications and microservices ; And Kubernetes、Docker Compose、BuildKit Bundled with container tools such as vulnerability scanning .

Developers can use Docker Dashboard Intuitively manage all their container resources ,Desktop It also sets reasonable and safe default values for resource consumption . More Than This ,Docker Desktop Now it also includes Docker Extensions, Allows developers to integrate by Docker partners、 Other developer tools built by the community or their teammates to release their productivity .

Docker Desktop for Linux yes Docker public roadmap The second most popular topic on the . at present ,Docker Desktop for Linux Provide :

  • Unified across all major operating systems Docker Experience
  • Instant access to new features ( for example Docker Extensions), These functions were only used in Desktop for Windows and Mac Available on the
  • seamless Kubernetes Integrate
  • Docker Desktop UI Make management volumes、 Containers and mirroring become easier , And provide support for running on your machine Docker Insight into the process .

“ As we quickly for Docker Desktop Add value ,Linux It is very important for us that the community can benefit from it . in other words , Happy to be Linux Upper use Docker Engine Of course, developers can continue to use it .Desktop for Linux Just make sure Linux Developers can use Docker Desktop All the exciting new features built in , Without compromising their existing base CLI workflow .”

Want to use Desktop for Linux Users can access Docker docs  To see the relevant instructions . The official provided deb and rpm package , Special support for Ubuntu、Debian and Fedora. Also for ArchLinux An experimental package is provided , And it's planned that in the next few weeks , Add pair Raspberry Pi OS Of 64 Bit variant support . Report problems or provide feedback , Accessible issue tracker.

Docker Desktop for Linux Recent plans include making the installation and update process as seamless as possible , For example, use a command to install , Such as apt-get install docker-desktop. The team will also work with Linux Community cooperation , To ensure the widest possible compatibility on the distribution selected by the user . Interested users can use public roadmap  Vote on what you want .

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