Can all exchange varieties participate in futures after opening an account?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:23:06
After opening a futures account, can all exchange varieties participate ?

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Hello! , Futures are divided into commodity futures and financial futures , When opening a futures account for the first time, most commodity futures can directly participate in , Except for specific varieties , Financial futures can only be traded after being opened separately .

Commodity futures specific varieties : Iron ore 、 palm oil 、PTA、 Crude oil 、20 Glue No 、 International copper 、 Low sulfur fuel oil 、 option
financial futures : Stock market index 、 national debt
The above opening permissions need to meet : Money 、 Trading experience 、 Online testing

I hope the above answers are helpful to you , There are more convenient ways to open specific varieties , Welcome to click the avatar to add wechat consultation .

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