Who is Jia Hui in female psychologist? What is Jia Hui's real identity in female psychologist?

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Why Jiahui is a good man to get close to Horton ? It's possible to follow Horton , Fall in love with Horton ? Is the second male brother Junjun ? Wang Jia appeared in a suspense play alone .

After Tang Lili's investigation , Ye Jiahui graduated from a famous University , Study spiritual subjects , Have a good job in Japan , The future is boundless . But ye Jiahui gave up the bright future , Appear next to Horton . From the bar to the neighbors , All this seems to be designed to get close to Horton .

Ye Jiahui wants to get close to Horton , Is trying to find Horton's weakness , So as to empathize like a sister , Controlled by him . Because the teacher told her sister F The file has been transferred to Horton , Ye Jiahui always thought the file was here , So he'll start with Horton , His goal is to get the file !

Under the guise of love , They didn't even meet before . How could Horton have what ye Jiahui wanted ? So it's more likely to guess that the female psychologist Hui Junjun .

Is Ye Jiahui the younger brother of the hostess ?

Ye Jiahui just appeared , Have their own suspense and mystery : Hide your education , Deliberately fainted beside Horton , Become Horton's neighbor , Steal the door and search Horton's house .

Director covinley is good at using lens language to describe the plot , So in the play, many ye Jiahui stood in front of the window and secretly looked at the scene of Horton , It's chilling .

Even Wang Jia, the actor who plays Ye Jiahui, said on his microblog that ye Jiahui is a soul full of courage , Wandering between excitement and numbness .

Ye Jiahui himself is a psychiatrist , But he has been between excitement and numbness , So he has this mysterious and unpredictable role .

When Horton asked Ye Jiahui , He asked and answered directly : I don't want to be your visitor , Because visitors can't fall in love with psychologists . This sentence is to get close to Horton's cover , Cover up his not simple purpose .

Episode 8 , Ye Jiahui sneaked into Horton's room , carry off all that one has , Seems to be looking for something special . This unusual behavior makes people more curious about his identity .

source : Sohu Entertainment

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