collection Library update 1.4.0 edition

collection The library has been in use , Weekend collection github Feedback on and contributor Modification of , Updated 1.4.0 edition .

This version does a few things :

Three types have been added , uint, uint32, uint64

These three types are also basic types , At present, basically all basic types have been covered , There are eleven types :

int32, int, int64, uint32, uint, uint64, float32, float64, string, object, objectPoint

increase Split and GroupBy Method

These two methods are actually a collection Grouping .Split According to the number , Divide the array into several parts , such as

intColl := NewIntCollection([]int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8})
ret := intColl.Split(3) if len(ret) != 3 {
t.Fatal("split len not right")
} ret[0].DD()

according to size by 3 Divide into 3 Parts of

0: 1
1: 2
2: 3
0: 4
1: 5
2: 6
0: 7
1: 8

and GroupBy It is a requirement raised by colleagues when using , Classify a function as needed , Then the output , Be similar to spark Medium GroupBy operator

func TestInt32Collection_GroupBy(t *testing.T) {
objColl := NewInt32Collection([]int32{1, 1, 20, 4})
groupBy := objColl.GroupBy(func(item interface{}, i2 int) interface{} {
foo := item.(int32)
return foo
}) for k, collection := range groupBy {
} /*
=== RUN TestInt32Collection_GroupBy
/Users/yejianfeng/Documents/workspace/collection/int32_collection_test.go:97: 1
0: 1
1: 1
/Users/yejianfeng/Documents/workspace/collection/int32_collection_test.go:97: 20
0: 20
/Users/yejianfeng/Documents/workspace/collection/int32_collection_test.go:97: 4
0: 4

Actually, I did a few things :

1 Optimized some test cases , There are some direct dd Of , It feels ugly , Just take out

2 The document adds , Include readme And official documents

3 The official website has also been updated , . But it looks like github There is one action Mechanism , I haven't studied how to update github At the same time, update the... On your server vuepress.

The end , Have a nice weekend ~

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