OLEDB accessing sqlserver 2019

CSDN Q & A 2022-01-15 02:30:21
The phenomenon and background of the problem

My previous code , It's using OLEDB Technology access Sqlserver2008 Of . No problem

however , When I go to visit Sqlserver2019 When , There are a lot of problems . I fix some mistakes that I can fix .
however :
// The second step : Create data source objects , Simultaneous acquisition IDBInitialize Interface
// Creates a with the specified class identifier Com object , Creates an uninitialized object with the specified class identifier
g_hr_return = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_SQLNCLI10, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IDBInitialize, (void**)&data_pIDBInitialize);
// Parameters 1:
if (FAILED(g_hr_return))
return -1;

Operation results and error reporting contents

CLSID_SQLNCLI10 I can't recognize this

My solution ideas and tried methods

I thought Every COM Components have different ID. Sqlservr 2009 and Sqlserve2019 Of COM Components ID atypism . But reality hits the face .
I searched a lot of information , The final conclusion is OELDB It's too old , Eliminate .Sqlderver2019 No support for . tragedy

What I want to achieve

1) See if you can save , Use OLEDB visit Sql2019


2) Access... Using other technologies sqlserver2019. It can make the write speed reach... Per second 10 Line ten thousand .( I use OLEDB write in Sqlserver2008,1 Seconds to write 10 Ten thousand line floating point number )

Postscript : I can provide my current code . Paid , thank you

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