It takes three months: Python full stack learning roadmap + Video + Notes

Morning Xi light 2022-01-15 02:23:58

python It can be said that a very popular language has emerged in recent years , But I went around the whole network and didn't find a complete set of learning roadmap and videos , It took three months for the teacher to sort out a complete set of learning roadmap and his own learning video , Now I can share it with you for your study and reference ! If there is something bad, please give us more advice !

Here is the learning roadmap , There are also supporting study notes and 300 A set of study tutorials and a complete set of python Learning video !

Python Basic knowledge points

object-oriented programming

List elements



error & abnormal


character string

Dictionary collection

File object

condition loop

data type


Learning video

Total learning videos 125 Set , The whole process is dry !

If you need to get all the learning materials, please help us for three times

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