The difficulty of determination lies not in winning people, but in winning yourself.

Life journey 2022-01-15 02:16:23

It's hard to make up your mind , Don't win , In winning .

I really feel like old friends at first sight , I really appreciate , The meaning is clear , It also conforms to the realistic social phenomenon , Especially in today's society, I feel the greatness of this sentence !

The translation of this sentence is as follows : It's hard to make up your mind , It's not about being better than others , It's about being better than yourself !

That's what it is , Any progress you make is compared to your own improvement , Instead of beating others . You beat the fool. There's nothing to be proud of , If you lose to the strong, you can be called proud even if you lose !

It's good to do things , Study or not , Is so , Therefore, the firmness of one's mind is the key factor of one's success or failure , This is the starting point on the road to success !

Let's give you an example , For example, we learn a language , This requires grammar , Memorize vocabulary ······ And day after day , Year after year and year after year ! If you give up halfway , Then the final result is to lose what you have got , What about success ?

Another example , We should be determined to be a good man , But as soon as I entered the society, I was corroded by the lights and wine of the world of mortals , Finally, let's have a whole life of eating, drinking, whoring and gambling , This kind of thing is all over the world , After all, people's starting points are good , No one said I dreamed of being a bad man , Even heishihui's son will not aspire to be a bad man !

Another example is the old and difficult problems in our society today , What a sad situation love is , Everyone has been expounding the simple and beautiful love , But how many will stick to their original intention !

What we see is a sharp turn after stepping into society , And they take it for granted , Feel more mature , More rational , It's a little ridiculous , Besides, in the end, they all complain about being a lady !

What is more , Now many students have no simple concept of marriage and love , The age can even be as young as junior high school students or primary school students who don't understand shit , This phenomenon is worth thinking about by adults !

Think about the spiritual form of this society , It's hopeless , While imagining the beautiful Liang Zhu , While doing Chen Shimei and Pan Jinlian , Finally, they talk to each other about their bad luck !

After I saw these things , There is only one way to treat them properly , That's the pain of beating a drowning dog ! Because I really can't find a reason to sympathize with them !

A person who is not sincere about his beliefs , Who is entitled to complain about others and society !

Finally, let's talk about a lot of dissatisfied people in life , I sympathize with some disadvantaged groups , But I don't sympathize with the losers who have conditions but don't act , You don't insist on running to the end , Don't complain about unfair fate , Don't you have legs , Still no other capacity ?

Yes, of course , People's aspirations will be very different , Some people are ambitious , Thinking of benefiting the country and the people ; Some people have a slightly lower ambition , Think about living your life ; More people have special aspirations , Be content with the ordinary ! These are commendable , The premise is that you are sincere and willing , In this state of mind , Even if you reach the level of beggars, you will have a burst of happiness !

So where to aspire is a personal point of view , Firmness is the key to the success of everyone's ambition , For example, I'm going to be late 365 equally !

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