Niannujiao Dong

Life journey 2022-01-15 02:13:19

The list of old style poetry in the 21st century

#NAME? · In the winter

Dancing in the wind , Blow noodles to the cold , It seems so . After chanting, the falling flowers also me , I want to leave fragrant stamens . Worry about the wall , The curtain is boring , Leisurely leaning against the east window . What's the plan in Luoyang , A thousand good sentences on a piece of paper .

Who remembers green water and green reed , The boat is uncertain , The moon abandons the sails . Every time I read autumn frost, I often feel lonely , It's more difficult to feel the spring . Snow mounds , Floating clouds are like flocs , On the stranger to avoid . Rivers stagnate , Waiting for you to steal heaven's will .

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