Thesis classification and writing basis

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Research papers

Original research , On the basis of similar research status at home and abroad , Put forward their own unique innovative theory 、 Point of view 、 A technique or method .

Through reliable scientific research methods —— Including experimental methods 、 Investigation method 、 Data analysis methods, etc , Verify the proposed viewpoint or method or technology , Introduce and analyze the research results , The results of the study are consistent with those of his predecessor / Compare and analyze the results of others , The existing problems and future research directions are analyzed .

experimental study

The basic structure Content requirements
introduction Briefly explain the research background , Clearly define the research question , Briefly describe the research methods , Summarize the innovation or research significance of the paper .
Introduction of research status This paper systematically and concisely describes the research status of the problems studied by the author at home and abroad , Reflect the author's full understanding and grasp of the fields involved in the research problem , Cover directly related original 、 Authority and the latest research results , Objective summary of previous research results , Summarize and refine the limitations of current research .
Research ideas and framework Describe the theoretical ideas in turn 、 Proposed new methods and technologies 、 The technical implementation framework for experimental verification .
Experimental process experimental data 、 Experimental system environment 、 Test method of experimental effect 、 Experiment implementation process .
experimental result Basic raw results 、 Key summary results and result analysis and verification .
Conclusion Including research conclusions 、 Possible error 、 Next work

The questionnaire survey

The basic structure Content requirements
introduction Same as experimental study .
Introduction of research status Same as experimental study .
Survey design Investigation ideas 、 Survey question set 、 Survey implementation framework ( Scope of investigation )、 sampling method 、 Sampling results and sample groups
Investigate the implementation process Including the survey process and questionnaire recovery rate , The recovery rate of the questionnaire / problem / Impact of analytical methods
Findings Basic description of survey results , In depth analysis and statistical verification of key survey results , Comparative correlation analysis and necessary statistical verification of key survey results .
Conclusion Including research conclusions 、 Possible error 、 Next work

Typical case studies / Case comparative study

The basic structure Content requirements
introduction Ask research questions , Explain why case studies are used / Case comparative study
Introduction of research status Explain the research and practice status of the fields involved in the research problems
Case study design Describe the circumstances of the case , The data involved and the processes and methods of collection and processing .
The results Analyze the collected data sets , Analyze its consistency , Comparative analysis, etc
Research conclusion Summarize the conclusions of case studies or case comparative studies , Put forward the universal research conclusion , Analyze the next step of research

Applied papers

Relying on practical work , By adopting a new policy 、 The new method 、 New technologies or tools to implement a new service or function or capability . This kind of paper requires “ application ” It is novel in itself , It should not be against these policies 、 Tools 、 Simple description of methods, etc , Or repeat some well-known and common mature applications . At the same time, it must be the introduction and analysis of application construction projects that have achieved practical results , We should not just imagine or programme .

Technical realization / Service implementation

The basic structure Content requirements
Introduction and application status What problem to solve , predecessors / The current situation and extent of others in solving the problem .
Requirements and technical ideas Analyze user needs ; Define the application environment , That is, the user environment 、 System environment 、 Service and management environment , The system environment includes network 、 Hardware 、 Software and data configuration, etc . This paper expounds the technical ideas and methods to be adopted by the author .
Implementation scheme Describe the design 、 Analyze the key points to be solved 、 difficulty ; The author aims to solve these key points 、 The difficulty lies in the method 、 Innovation in mechanism and process 、 Modify or integrate ; And the specific implementation process , Including the data on which it is based 、 System 、 Mechanism, etc .
Application effect evaluation Through specific technology 、 The application data indicators of service or management describe the application effect ; Provide comparison with previous application data indicators , Describe the new technology used 、 The new method 、 The advanced nature of new mechanisms
Application innovation summary Summarize the advanced nature of the technology or method or mechanism adopted. , Limitations , Next research work .

Review papers

An academic paper written by collecting a large amount of literature on a special topic in a certain direction through comprehensive analysis , Used to reflect the direction of the field / Recent developments in the topic 、 New developments 、 New trends 、 New principles, new technologies and new academic insights .

System descriptive overview

The basic structure Content requirements
introduction Review the research topics and time stages covered , Comment on the significance of the topic , Summarize the previous reviews and conclusions on the same topic .
Scope of literature The retrieval formula of the literature on which it is based 、 Retrieve database 、 Time and geographical scope ; A collection of documents and documents retrieved ( Including its sub themes 、 Time 、 Geographical and language distribution ); Select the literature criteria for review
The main body of the review (1) Structured analysis around the retrieved Literature , According to a certain order ( Such as time 、 regional 、 The theme ) To organize the content structure ;(2) The content of the research results of the literature 、 Significance and impact analysis . Can target :1) Research layout of each sub theme ;2) Important new methods 、 New theory ;3) An important modification of an existing theory or method or Expand ;4) Theory with other fields 、 Important cross cutting content of methods ;5) Other appropriate content analysis points
Summary conclusion The research progress in this field is summarized and put forward ; Comparison of previous reviews , The new results reflected in this review ; The possible limitations and errors are pointed out , New problems or new directions or new methods that need further study .

Bibliometric review

The basic structure Content requirements
problem Explain the specific problems and significance of econometric analysis , Metrological analysis can be targeted at : Layout structure 、 Development trend 、 Integration, differentiation and mutation, or cooperative and competitive structure and implicit correlation structure .
present situation Briefly summarize the existing overview and econometric analysis for the same problem , This further explains the significance of my research .
Metrological analysis design Explain the specific method of quantitative analysis 、 Parameters 、 Tools and processes ; The data source and its acquisition tools and methods ; Data cleaning method 、 Tools and processes ; Methods of visual representation of results 、 Tools 、 Parameters, etc. .
Metrological analysis Describe the parameter settings of metrological analysis 、 The implementation process and the characteristics adopted for the difficulties and doubts in the analysis ; Presentation of econometric analysis results ; Further analysis and interpretation of key contents .
Research conclusion Overall research conclusion : Compare previous reviews and Econometric Analysis , Put forward the new results reflected in this econometric analysis ; Limitations and errors , New issues for further study .

Opinion papers

This paper expounds the author's new theory on the current situation and trend of a field or direction with great influence 、 New understanding , It should be based on the systematic grasp of previous research and in-depth insight into the innovation trend . In principle, such articles are mainly about manuscripts .

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