Security is controversial again! Volvo new energy vehicle on fire again

Oriental Information automobile 2022-01-15 02:06:32

In recent days, , In addition, the media reported that a fire accident occurred in the garage of a Volvo plug-in hybrid model in Chengdu . If the above information is true , This is the Volvo plug-in hybrid model in 8 The second similar fire accident in a day ,2021 year 11 month 30 Early morning , A vehicle burning accident occurred in an underground garage of a community in Nanjing .

According to media reports , Recently, a green Volvo caught fire in the underground garage of a community in Chengdu , There are a few videos and screenshots flowing out , There are... On the back of the uniform in the picture “ Sichuan Fire Department Chengdu squadron ” The words of firefighters are dealing with the scene . And another one circulated on the Internet “ Jiefangyuan communication group ” The message in the group shows , A member of the group sends a notice , Ask all owners not to go to the garage , Negative second floor 301 The electric car in parking space No. 1 is not charged , Electric cars smoke automatically , There is no open fire , The garage on the lower second floor is full of smoke . After the notice has been given , Other members of the group asked what brand of electric vehicles had spontaneous combustion . As can be seen from the above picture , A green Volvo plug-in hybrid model was seriously damaged , The hood is badly deformed and cocked , The door structure is seriously deformed , The scene of the accident was a mess . To press time , Neither Chengdu fire control nor Volvo released more information about the accident .

The accident vehicle in a community in Nanjing is Volvo XC90 T8 edition . The vehicle does not have obvious fire marks like the conventional Spontaneous Combustion Accident , The frame of the vehicle itself 、 The skin and the surrounding ground and Wall vehicles have no traces of blackening . Opposite engine compartment cover 、 Rear compartment lid 、 Four doors 、 The skylights burst outward .

But this accident has nothing to do with the safety of new energy vehicles . According to the subsequent revelations , The accident can be said to be the owner's improper operation . Because the gas stove in the car leaks , Let the gas concentration in the vehicle reach the explosion critical point , Plus some sparks . Which caused an explosion . The reason why many consumers are reluctant to choose new energy vehicles is actually very simple , Mainly worried about safety 、 life 、 Charging these problems . relatively speaking , As long as enough charging piles are built , The two problems of charging and endurance can be greatly alleviated , Especially now that there are basically charging piles in urban areas and high-speed service areas of big cities , There is no big problem with normal medium and short distance vehicles . But security is different , Whether it is safe or not is actually imperceptible , Can't be quantified . If there is no spontaneous combustion related to new energy vehicles for a long time 、 In the event of an explosion , Then consumers will naturally build up enough confidence . When the time comes , Naturally, more consumers will choose new energy vehicles .

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