Jay Chou promised that the new album had not been released yet. Finally, he couldn't make it up. He admitted: I'm playing

Tencent Entertainment 2022-01-15 02:03:35

12 month 11 Japan , Jay Chou boarded the hot search , Just because he sang at a grand ceremony 4 song , Can have such a high heat , Only Jay Chou can achieve . Jay Chou's mouth is familiar with the taste , Seeing Jay Chou finally show up , Many fans also began to urge the new album , After all , Jay Chou's new album has been said for five years , The original promise was finally drilled by time .

5 Years ago , When Jay Chou was interviewed . Just confidently reveal : The new album should be at the end of the year . I write songs as soon as I have time , Writing songs one after another . There is a , Jay Chou's fans are looking forward to , little does one think , Jay Chou has since started his own life 5 Years of lies , Jay Chou himself did not expect that he would open the door for this sentence 5 Years of fooling .

2018 year , At his own concert , Jay Chou started drawing cakes for fans again , Let the fans look forward to , Next year's new album 1 Month is coming . This directly made the live atmosphere of the concert reach the peak .

After that, when Jay Chou participated in the activity , I was asked by the host what you said next year 1 The new album released in June . Jay Chou explained solemnly : That's a rumor . So confident , Let onlookers can't help but doubt their ears , Did you really hear wrong before ? wait until 2019 in , Jay Chou once again made a promise at the concert : Don't wait too long for your fans , Will my new album be released this year ? The fans at the scene were very excited , But there is still a little doubt in his eyes , This line is so familiar , Believe you for the last time .

Then at an event , Jay Chou once again confirmed that the new album will be released before the end of the year . Two consecutive commitments , Let everyone regain confidence in Jay Chou , Just wait and wait , The new album seems to have never been heard of . Jay Chou's die hard fan Wang Junkai couldn't help it , When I was on the same stage with Jay Chou, I expressed my inner thoughts through blessings , Of course, this idea is also the idea in the hearts of thousands of Jay Chou fans : Looking forward to your new album .

Hearing this, Jay Chou immediately panicked , Stuttered : Don't expect too much , take your time . It seems that Jay Chou is also guilty , I don't think he's ready to release a new album at all . But in front of the media , Jay Chou began to be confident again , But the stammering words also revealed that he should be in a brain storm , Crazy excuses . Jay Chou said that now the new album has been made 5 First , But also add the two singles released before , So he wrote only three songs at all . Asked by the media with a worried face : It's getting closer and closer to the end of the year , Do you have time ? Unexpectedly, Jay Chou responded calmly : there's not enough time .

After that, asking about Jay Chou's new album seems to be a necessary question for every media friend . every time , Jay Chou, the pigeon king, has a new excuse , For example, I'm writing , Need to find new inspiration , Going out to play is just for inspiration , Fans are well aware of these excuses . See everyone's reaction , Jay Chou is completely rotten , To be frank “ I'm playing .” He also confidently said : Writing songs is a very simple thing for yourself , Just want to .

5 Over the years , Jay Chou has made excuses from his initial guilty heart to his complete failure now , Not only are people becoming more and more mellow , It seems that this confidence is more and more sufficient .

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