The dilemma of "black and red traffic" in the four-year draft

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“ This is not the end , It's part of the journey .”

12 month 5 Japan , A limited women's group that has gone through a year and six months together THE9 Officially dissolved , When in a ball , Debut program 《 There is your youth 2》 It was the hottest women's League draft of that year , It shows the prosperity of talent show and trainee market ; On dissolution , The night of the finals of the direct younger martial brothers “ Be banned ”, Talent shows and idols have become in a sense “ Forbidden words ” And identity authentication that can't be avoided .

2018 year , With iqiyi 《 Idol trainee 》 And tencent video 《 create 101》 It's on air , The new draft form opens the curtain , People come and go on the stage , capital 、 platform 、 The director 、 The trainees joined in , For many people , This is a hot emerging market , Attract entrants with goals , Symbiosis with idol economy in a diversified form .

Four years , The peak and gloom of the draft were huge , But also fleeting .2021 year , This draft wave has come to an end , The group selected in four years “ Show people ” We enter the new content market with a new identity , And the talent show is reserved for internal entertainment , It's not just about the beautiful people .

From content to form 、 From the economic model to the flow format , The draft has gone , Some of the industry ecology changed by the draft is short-lived 、 Be tasted , Some continue , Waiting for change .


Fans economy , weal and woe

The source of everything is “ Casting ”, This is the beginning of the draft to change the ecology of the whole industry .

from 《 Idol trainee 》 The farmer's spring began , The talent show has created a new model of entertainment marketing , Combine product sales with voting mechanism , Open a brand assistance channel for fans , Fans can buy the corresponding products “ Water ticket ” Vote for the player you like , Take advantage of the investment rules to directly point to product sales . According to the public information ,《 Idol trainee 》 During broadcast , The sales of nongnongshan spring online have increased sharply 500 times . Next door 《 create 101》 The sponsoring brand Kangshifu iced black tea also benefited a lot .

With great commercial value , This kind of investment marketing model has taken shape and continues , Become a fixed stylized part of this type of program content . thereafter , MENGNIU “ monopoly ” The total title of the head draft , Such as 《 There is your youth 》 Three season total crown Mengniu real fruit grain 、《 Create a camp 》 Series three season total crown Mengniu pure Zhen yogurt , Borrow early years 《 Super girl 》 Successful experience and beverage brand implantation “ Milk ticket ” The inherent advantage of convenience , Mengniu has become behind the four-year draft “ The biggest winner ”.

When “ Flow assessment value ” After the dominant star making mode , A lot of data, female workers and krypton gold bosses appear , Form a fixed backup and data organization around idols . Besides , At that time, the draft also set off a vigorous wave of fund-raising , The commercial value of idol converted into RMB is put on the bright side . For example, Cai Xukun raised more than during the competition 200 ten thousand ,《 There is your youth 2》 During the game 49 Million people participated in fund-raising , The total amount of funds raised reached 8900 ten thousand , Providing fans with ways to raise money Owhat And Taoba, etc APP Take advantage of the situation to gush out , Through high fees , Reap fans' money at a very small cost .

The stability of these third-party platforms is not only at stake , And there is no audit at all 、 Supervisory obligations , But these “ defects ” stay “ Eager to protect idols ” Are infinitely inclusive in the eyes of fans , until Owhat Mine burst not long ago , Many fan groups and loose fans are unable to withdraw cash , Fans just realized the inaction and danger of the platform , The denunciation erupted . After a month ,“ Qinglang ” The operation officially began , Include Owhat、 Taoba 、 All fan support platforms, including super star rice ball, are controlled by roll call .

Under the shell of fan economy , Some platforms are uncontrolled “ Induce consumption ” The phenomenon , Behind the bright and wonderful consumption figures , Some gray 、 The dormancy of the black industrial chain , Be ready to explode . before , The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission published a report 《 Cut off the capital chain behind the chaos in the entertainment industry 》, Jiang Yu, researcher of the macro Department of the development research center of the State Council, pointed out , Traffic stars and “ Rice circle ” The emergence of is accompanied by the development of China's cultural industry , Capital is inherently profit seeking , Under the guidance of capital , Platform capital 、 Traffic star 、“ Rice circle ” Culture forms a complete interest chain . In this interest chain , Platform capital is the leading force ; Flow stars are selected by capital to perform at the front desk , Induction “ fans ” consumption ;“ Rice circle ” Culture is the consumption culture created by capital using its own economic power , By influencing society, especially controlling teenagers' consumption habits , Grab economic benefits , Even affect the social ideological and cultural atmosphere . therefore , The relevant central departments have deployed a ban on inducement “ fans ” consumption 、 Strictly control the participation of minors 、 Standardize measures such as aid raising , Is completely timely and necessary .

The draft itself is no longer , however , Over the years, thousands of show people hatched from this have poured into all fields of internal entertainment , Let the power and influence of fan economy continue to expand infinitely .


“ To cultivate ” Market expansion

Business is more than “ Star making ”

The predecessor of xiuren is mainly interns , Except for a few plain people 、 Child stars and actors , The trainee propped up the input of the talent show staff “ Half the sky ”, Corresponding to this , It is the emergence of countless trainee training companies .

On the talent show , Each contestant pastes a huge brand name on his body and every caption with his name , Will mark the name of the brokerage company , Only the first year 《 Idol trainee 》 There is 31 The name of the brokerage firm reveals , To 《 There is your youth 2》 Grow to 46 home . Like kunyin entertainment 、 East... Awakening 、 Mai Rui entertainment 、 Chenxing entertainment and other companies that mainly operate trainees , The sense of presence in the industry before the program is not strong , Because the transported players are outstanding in the program , Together with the brokerage company has also made a name .

thereafter , The trainee training company has entered a red sea , New companies are pouring in , But there are real resources 、 Only a few companies have the power to incubate serious trainees , A large number of companies are called “ Contract trainee ” The title of , Charge the signing fee 、 Registration fee 、 Make money by training fees or even termination fees , Mixed the water in the market .

Before that, there were minors from time to time because they wanted to be interns 、 Want to be cheated , It is difficult for trainees to terminate their contract after signing a contract , Cai Xukun was once trapped by the exorbitant termination fee 、 Wang Ziyi and other big hot show people who have qualified have appeared .

Until the draft stops , This situation does not converge . Some time ago , Cai Zhengjie, a trainee who once participated in the draft, because “ No work ” Go to Beijing BM The news of working spread like wildfire , He responded via microblog trumpet , Because he wants to break the contract , Claimed by the company for compensation 500 Ten thousand yuan . At the same time, he mentioned in his blog , After the talent show , He went through a long waiting period without a job , A meager income , Difficult to support daily life .

In a mixed market environment , The rights and interests of many trainees are hard to protect , not a few The agency's enthusiasm for the trainees is maintained before signing the contract , After signing the contract, disputes continue , It is also difficult for trainees to get a reasonable response to their normal needs for work .

Beyond termination , Of a brokerage firm “ Training pit ” Also continue , A hip-hop student revealed to Guduo , She just met an invitation from a well-known agency star Scout at the door of the dance club two days ago , Invite her to participate in the winter vacation organized by the company “ camp ”,15 Day fee 19800, And played “ Bulletproof youth regiment 、TFBOYS teacher ” Your name attracted her , call “ This is the ceiling level nationwide ”, After she refused several times , The other side still doesn't stop , Repeatedly invited to say “ You come first , When you come ”.

And through keyword search , This kind of training camp with high tuition fees exists in several trainee training companies , It is an important way for the company to make profits , However, the work income of trainees after signing the contract is not the main business form , A group of bright “ The unemployed ” This has become a visible result of the achievements of the four-year draft .


Red and black , Have stalled

The trainees hit the south wall in the dilemma before their debut , and Successful exit 、 On the one hand, the members of the debut group who enter the internal entertainment continue to suffer in the seemingly broad industry “ draft ” The impact of labels , meanwhile , Also through the economic attribute of its own fans , Affecting the content ecology of the industry .

before , Guduo was interviewing an actor from a talent show , He told a story about his experience ,“ When I first came out of the show , Once I went to an audition , I went in and sat inside and said hello to the director , Then he said a lot , As a result, the first thing he said was ,‘ Don't feel like you have some traffic , I feel different , We'll decide ’, It sounds like he doesn't like our status as an idol , At that moment, I felt that this industry would be biased against us .”

Screenwriter Wang Hailin 9 In January, he published an article saying , Over the years, the creation of film and television plays has fallen into “ Traffic flow theory ” The thinking of , Formed an unhealthy industry phenomenon , He will be “ The acting was mediocre 、 Rely on appearance, not professional skills 、 New actors and rice circle critics who lack professional education 、 Tear a bit and so on ” It's all due to “ The platform has launched talent shows in recent years ” On , Although the traffic is not all show people , And the chaos in the industry is not all caused by the draft , But through Wang Hailin's article, we can see , In the eyes of many people inside and outside the industry ,“ draft ” It is indeed the first inducement leading to the gradual impetuosity of the atmosphere of the whole industry , yes “ Rice circle ” Culture is a major source of the involvement of film and television drama creation and production process .

Under this impression , There is a huge gap between acting and show people that needs to be crossed .

Music fields that are more suitable for artists are also “ It's hard to escape ”. Business logic also values “ Data only theory ” The huge profits brought by fans under the thought , For example, a person buys thousands of albums ; There are sales reminders everywhere , Such as “ You can buy an extra one by eating less breakfast ” Your remarks spread everywhere , The person who is urged deeply thinks so ; Until this year ,“ Show people represent ” Cai Xukun also appeared on the cusp of the management and control of the rice circle “ Credit song ” controversy . Corresponding to the wave after wave of sales data is , Idol music is difficult to integrate into the lives of ordinary listeners , so far , Only from rocket girl 101 Of 《 calories 》 It can be called a work out of the circle .

This year, 9 month ,QQ Music re purchases albums for purchased users / The single is limited , Some purchased users can no longer purchase . Regarding this QQ Music direction TechWeb Response statement ,QQ Music does limit the number of digital albums purchased , The album purchased by the user will not be able to be purchased again . After the news was confirmed , Once upon a time ID The situation of buying unlimited albums and selling them has become history .

Beyond music , The magazine 、 endorsement 、 periphery 、 The concert 、 Microblog forwarding and comments etc. Have similar experiences , Idol economy is in the dilemma of red and black traffic . But no one can deny it ,101 The localization of the Department draft also leaves something , It first brought unprecedented changes to the domestic idol industry , Broke the dominant position of Japanese and Korean idols in China , Leveraging a new idol economic format , And tap the domestic local audience . In the final analysis, idols are also a business of the entertainment industry , In the past four years , In addition to creating economic value , It has indeed changed the fate of some people , Idols themselves have no original sin . But idol economy is plagued with stubborn diseases , The rules of the game have been criticized , And let “ idol ”“ draft ” and “ Traffic ”“ Casting ” And other negative forms of behavior , The domestic idol industry has suffered a heavy blow , Finally to the end .

With “ Qinglang ” The depth of action ,“ Flow is the way ” The phenomenon of is improving 、“ Rice circle ” The chaos of shooting and casting will gradually return to normal order with rectification . But where should a lot of unemployed people go ? live broadcast 、 Shut up 、 Waiting for the company to arrange , Or a complete career change . Bubble dispersed , Idol industry dream broken .

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