A recent photo of Wang Zulan's daughter was exposed. Her face was too hot for the camera. She spoiled her mother and asked for a hug all the way

Oriental Infotainment 2022-01-15 02:01:19

1 month 17 Japan , Some media photographed a video of Wang Zulan's family showing up at Disney . Wang Zulan in the video that day , Holding her daughter Wang Tianyun in her arms , A super daddy image . And his mother, Li Yanan, stood by , Super cool look .

From a close distance, I can see that Wang Tianyun always wants to hold her mother , It seems that he wants to escape his father , Let mom hold her . And Li Yanan is muttering something , Wearing red and black clothes , Wearing sunglasses , Quite a pair of high cold goddess fan .

however , In the face of all kinds of spoiled daughter , Li Yanan also stretched out his hand to hold Wang Tianyun . It's not hard to see from the lens , The baby's side face looks so much like his father Wang Zulan . A fleshy little face , And the little black and smooth hair , It's so cute .

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