Not long after it was broadcast, it won five-star praise from many viewers. This work will definitely be very popular

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Because of the suspense that appeared last year, most of the works are very excellent , So this makes us look forward to this year's suspense works . Although there are many suspense works launched this year , But most of the quality is not high , Even the works with a particularly strong cast still don't meet our expectations after they are broadcast , So many viewers began to put away their expectations for this year's suspense works . And at the end of this year , But ushered in a high-quality suspense work 《 Who is the murderer 》, Not long after the play first aired , There have been a lot of five-star comments .

《 Who is the murderer 》 The method used in the is very different from other suspense works , The play doesn't play up the terrible and tense atmosphere in the play according to the tradition , Instead, I chose to introduce the background of the story and the relationship between the characters in the shortest time . At the beginning of the story, there was a case , Let the plot go straight to the theme , There is no sign of delay at all , Therefore, the audience will feel very cool when watching , Then it attracted the attention of many viewers . There are many things hidden in this case , First of all, Xia Jinlan, Xia Mu's teacher, encountered an accident on the way back to cook when she bought food for Xia mu .

Xia Mu and Xia Jinlan have the same surname , And Xia Jinlan often cooks for Xia mu , The most important thing is when someone likes Xia Jinlan , Xia Mu is very unhappy , This situation shows that the two of them are definitely not a simple teacher-student relationship . Second, when Xia Jinlan was killed , Once called a distress call , I don't know who broadcast this call yet , Because if this call was made by the killer himself , This will increase your chances of exposure , The most important thing is if you call for help , It's possible to leave your fingerprints or some clues against you , So the probability that the killer made the call himself is very small .

And because if it was broadcast by Xia Jinlan , It's impossible for her to know where she's going to be killed , So the person who called the police was not Xia Jinlan , So there is probably a third person in this event , It's the number he dialed , But he didn't tell the whole story on the phone , Is it because I'm not there , The location of the murderer was deduced from the case done by the murderer before , That's why this happens , So if you say so , What is the relationship between this man and Xia Jinlan .

The most frightening thing in the play is Xia Jinlan S When , With a smile , I guess when I saw this , Scared a lot of the audience , This also reflects the superb acting skills of Gao Lu, the actor of Xia Jinlan . If you simply watch the part that has been broadcast , Then you will find that there is nothing special about the play , At the same time, the relationship between the characters is also very clear , The subsequent growth track also paves the way before . But if you can observe the details that are easy to ignore when looking , You will find that there are too many details in the play , And these details will make you feel the highlights of the play .

Through Xia Jinlan's murder, the three people who should not have intersected gathered together , Leng Xiaobing didn't dare to shoot when he chose to save people , This led to the death of his predecessors , And let the master who led him leave the police force for this , At the same time, let your heart torture yourself all the time , But it also made Leng Xiaobing grow up in an instant , Now he has become a very good criminal policeman , And Xia Mu is the victim's student , So I've been thinking about revenge , As for Shen Yu, he has a deep relationship with the murderer , In order not to let them find out who the murderer is , And chose to fight against Xia mu . Such a wonderful work , I believe it is one of the hottest works in the same period .

source : Sohu Entertainment

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