What happened to Wanmei who was taken away by song Qian in yearning for life? Seeing the recent photos, the fans were silent

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《 Desired life 》 What happened to Wan Mei, who was carried away by song Qian in the ? See a recent photo , The fans were silent

《 Desired life 》 It can be said that it is the strongest meal variety , Huang Lei's cooking amazed everyone , The reason why this program is so popular , Except that the guests made everyone laugh , Some pets inside are also very cute , For example, pots and pans . Pots and pans are the size of h The children of , They witnessed the growth of mushroom house , And everyone has witnessed their growth . Although the pots and pans are the same father and mother , But their personalities are very different .

Ladybug is a famous eating machine , With the broadcast of the program , Pots and pans are also getting bigger and bigger , They need someone who can adopt them . In the end 4 The dog was killed by Song Xi , Wang Luodan , Zhang Zifeng , And Zhang Jike and others adopted , Which song Qian took away , Is the very clever bowl girl .

Before you know it , The latest issue of 《 Desired life 》 It's already on the air , Many people are very curious , What happened to Wanmei who was carried away by song Qian , After seeing the recent photos, many fans were silent . I'm sure you all know that , Song Qian is a very fashionable person , So after she took Wanmei away , Took her into the fashion world , She often dresses up every day , And took her to shoot magazines .

So over time , Wan Mei has also become a figure in the fashion circle , Because the food is good , So she was raised chubby by Song Xi , Very cute , The coat color is also shiny . When I took Wanmei away , Song Qian said she would take care of her as a family member , And she really fulfilled that promise , Now Wanmei is very well raised by Song Xi . Many people feel a little envious of Wanmei when they see here , After all, she was dressed up very cute by Songxi .

source : Sohu Entertainment

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