The variety show has been greatly improved. Even Wang Yibo of "every day up" has changed his position and is no longer the host

Oriental Infotainment 2022-01-15 01:57:26

Recently, two large variety shows of Hunan TV station have been rectified , The program effect after rectification is also unexpected . The change in kuaben is the biggest , Many viewers speculate that , He Jiong may no longer host the program . Because he Jiong hugged Zhou Xun and cried recently , So many netizens have speculated that it may be because of the big rectification “ Sorrow and sorrow ”.

It's been off the air for nearly three weeks , Netizens are also waiting impatiently , They all speculate whether the broadcast will be stopped soon . In addition to the major rectification carried out by kuaben , Another big variety show 《 Day day up 》 It also faces the threat of rectification . Maybe except for the host Wang Han , Other members will have big changes . This also makes many viewers worry , I don't want to change my favorite host .

The nearest of them 《 Day day up 》 The strangest positioning is that the positions of Wang Yibo and Zhang Wei have changed . They are no longer standing next to Wang Han to preside over , Instead, he became the team leader of the guest seat next to him . So while watching the program , And rarely see their shots , This also makes many netizens begin to guess , This may be a changing crisis preparation . Although they are still on the show , But I'm no longer the host , It's hard to avoid lamenting .

And mango station did this operation , The great possibility is to hide people's eyes and ears first , Want to calm the uneasy mood of the audience , So while changing the host, we also put two former host cadres in the guest seat , Only in this way can the audience mistakenly think that they will continue to host the program , But what is the result of the fact , I'm afraid it's not as simple as expected .

Wang Yibo came 《 Day day up 》 It's been a few years , Many viewers have seen his different growth in recent years , Even because of its audience , Let this program also attract a lot of fans . If Wang Yibo leaves the program , It is bound to be a big loss , This seems a little sad to many fans , So I still hope to see more performance of Wang Yibo in the program , Also hope that 《 Day day up 》 This program can continue to bring joy .

source : Sohu Entertainment

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