Young people's Beijing dream

Photography 2022-01-15 01:53:26

I came across Lao She's prose today 《 My mother, 》:

  “ Mother's home is outside Desheng Gate in Beiping , Outside tucheng'er , In a small village on the road to Dazhong temple . There are four or five families in the village , All surnames are horses . Everyone grows a little less fertile land ,.....”

    The first few words of this article “ Deshengmen ”,“ Tu Cheng ”,“ Dazhong temple ” Touched me , On the one hand, I once lived nearby 、 Work 、 Life brings back many memories , On the other hand “ Change and invariance ” I was deeply moved by what happened .

    Lao She 1899 year 2 month 3 Born in Beijing ,1966 year 8 month 24 The day of death . It's today 2021 year 12 month 12 Japan . That is about 100 Years ago , Outside Desheng , Between tucheng'er and Dazhong temple, there is still a small countryside , The population is very small . Today, , Deshengmen , Tucheng er , Dazhong temple is full of tall buildings , The ground and underground traffic tracks are vertical and horizontal , People are bustling .   

    The first thing that makes me feel is : Beijing has changed too much . Compared with the rest of the country , Beijing's name for change is among the best . for example : I once heard from local people in Beijing , about 25 Years ago , There is still a large field in Dazhong temple , There is a big farmer's market near Dazhongsi Chengtie station , Later, he continued to build buildings and roads , Finally, a small experimental field belonging to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences was left .

    Secondly, what makes me feel is :“ Deshengmen ”,“ Tu Cheng ”,“ Dazhong temple ” These place names have remained unchanged for a hundred years , People have changed for many generations , And the place is still that place . It's ” Much transformed “ ah !

    Beijing is Chinese politics 、 Culture 、 The center of international exchanges and scientific and technological innovation ; Beijing is always young , Forever vibrant city ; Beijing is a dream place for young people . The big stage in Beijing is always in full swing . On the hot stage of Beijing , The people I represent are slowly withdrawing , After zero, he is valiant 、 Step in with pride .

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