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Bigsai. 2021-11-25 18:11:08

Many people are struggling with what to prepare for the interview , At that time Specific post specific treatment 了 !

If you haven't figured out what company you want to face , For which position , First of all Find out the technical points of most of the company's HKCEE ~

I recently studied major factories  Java  Position  JD, The salary range is  20-60K, How much can you take , It depends on how many technical points you master ~


The technical points often tested are nothing more than these


  So I sorted it out for you according to the knowledge points , There are detailed reference answers , Which point of your knowledge is weak , It's good to have targeted learning supplement .


  • Will the interview questions of big factories be very deep ?

  • Is there a routine to answer questions ?

  • Is it really useful to look at the interview questions ?

I think , All explanations , It's better to give you a real interview with a big factory , I just sorted out BATJMZ Of  2021  The latest interview question , Whether you have any interview needs recently , I suggest you collect it in advance .

Have you seen it before you know ~


All the interview questions are in one document , You can save it on your phone , Use your spare time to learn .

I wish you success in your studies ~


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