A recent photo of 86 year old "King Zhou" Dutch was exposed, with a ruddy complexion and super spirit, and a jade on his chest

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 18:07:10

With the passage of time , The older generation of film actors have withdrawn from the stage , But the classic image left behind is still unforgettable . I was in 90 It was in 《 Granting titles to gods 》 Successfully shape “ King Zhou ” That's what Dutch is , After settling in Australia , It is difficult for netizens to know his recent situation and photos .

however 11 month 10 The night , A netizen suddenly sent out a recent photo of Dutch on the social network , From its dynamics , This netizen should be Dutch's daughter . In the recent exposure , Dutch is in great shape , Although already 86 year , But the complexion is very ruddy , It's especially kind to laugh .

In the picture, Dutch is wearing orange T T-shirt , Wearing a white baseball cap and sunglasses , Although I can't see his eyes , But the whole is very healthy and refreshing .

The jade on the chest is very eye-catching , I think it was specially prepared by Dutch's daughter . In the netizen's message , Many people are interested in this jade , In fact, judging from the appearance , This jade is really very good and valuable , But hanging on your chest has another meaning .

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