"Singing all the way" launched the first shot of Oriental satellite TV's variety transformation

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 18:07:08

Last Saturday night , Oriental satellite TV has another original sound ensemble 《 Sing all the way 》 launched .

This is by Oriental satellite TV 、 Jointly produced by Chengdu culture and tourism , Chengdu Xingwen Production Co., Ltd , The name of Yuanqi forest , Baishi TV Network unicast 《 Sing all the way 》.

This pitch is very low , The implementation of Oriental satellite TV sound synthesis 「 Big innovation 」. Superficial view , It's just the difference between indoor sound ensemble and outdoor sound ensemble , But in fact , Above this innovation benchmark , It realizes space 、 artist 、 The three big breakdowns of communication , Realized cultural tourism 、 music 、 The triple superposition of new media .

This article , Just lead 1 Readers of No , have a look 《 Sing all the way 》 The way to break the situation .


Space is broken : from 「 The palace 」 To 「 nongovernmental 」

if ,《 Our song 》 yes 「 Hall level 」 Sound ensemble , that ,《 Sing all the way 》 It is 「 Folk 」 Sound ensemble .

Look back on the sound synthesis in recent years , For a long time , Domestic sound synthesis is mostly carried out in the shed 「 Micro innovation 」, Nothing more than adjusting the rules 、 Adjust the competition system 、 Adjust props 、 Adjust the lineup , Such a series of 「 Micro innovation 」, But the whole system 、 type , Still relatively certain .

However , this 《 Sing all the way 》 But the recording environment changes from inside to outside , It's done once 「 Big innovation 」:

stay 「 perform 」 I added 「 Collecting wind 」. Previous audio programs , Because it is limited to indoor space , So basically, it only presents music performances , Some programs have part of the creative process, reality shows , But not as the subject . But in 《 Sing all the way 》 In this mode , Collecting wind is the pre history of the pattern , Performance is the landing point of the pattern , First have a solid collection of wind , There is a wonderful performance .

from 「 fast 」 To 「 slow 」. The rhythm of the sound ensemble in the shed is relatively fast , One performance after another , The density is relatively high . And go outside , Increased wind collection , Whole 《 Sing all the way 》 It creates another way for the audience to open the sound ensemble , It's melodious 、 It's soothing . therefore , It seems to be just a change in the recording environment , But the open space 、 On the road , Will cause great changes to the psychological feelings of the recording object and the audience .

from 「 evaluation 」 To 「 communication 」. In the era of studio sound synthesis , Because more often, you see a complete work , Therefore, the discourse system is result only 「 Evaluation body 」—— Whether it's the tutor's evaluation of the College , Or peer to peer evaluation , Or the audience's evaluation of the singer . And in the 《 Sing all the way 》 in , Because I was collecting wind all the way 、 Exploring all the way , The discourse system between singers , It becomes more relaxing 、 More comfortable 「 Communication body 」.

For example, four singers sit under the storytelling stage 、 The bamboo stool beside the tea stand table , Not on the jury , But on a roadside stall , Several predecessors exchanged their views on the younger generation's music in a word , In Chengdu's words, the atmosphere is 「 Bashidi board 」;

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