Guan Yue took a recent photo of Dong Xuan's daughter and accidentally exposed the true face of Tong Liya's son. Netizen: it looks like Chen Sicheng

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Introduction :

Stars usually don't want everyone to know what their children look like , First, I'm afraid someone is upset and kind-hearted , It will hurt the child . Second, I'm afraid some netizens will attack the child's appearance , I feel uncomfortable after watching it .

Case study :

Some time ago , Dong Xuan's daughter's birthday , Tong Liya naturally went with her son . And after Guan Yue went back that day , Sent a series of photos , As a result, she inadvertently sent out a picture of Tong Liya's son .

Although it's not a face , But from the side, you can also see Duoduo's appearance . But judging from the facial features , Dodo seems to be more like his father .

Usually, the couple always protect their children very well , And this time a lot of photos also satisfy the curiosity of netizens , After reading it, everyone can only sigh :“ Duoduo is too much like Chen Sicheng !”

analysis :

In life , Many people like to observe who children will follow more . So today we'll take a look at , The child's appearance and IQ , Who will decide .

01. Mothers can better determine their children's IQ

Many people may not know , If you want children to be naturally smarter , We can only find a smarter wife . Because in terms of IQ , Mothers can have more influence on their children .

Studies have shown that , Mother's IQ will definitely affect children , And dad doesn't have to . If the child is a boy , So his IQ is basically completely determined by his mother .

02. Parents can decide their children's congenital height

Usually , More than half the child's height , It depends on what genes his parents will give him . If parents are taller , Then his innate height will have an advantage .

If the parents are short , Then maybe the child will lose more than half . But parents don't have to worry , Even if you lose at the starting line , You can also change your child's height in some ways .

If you want your child to be a little taller , Parents can let their children drink milk often , When you're free, take your children for some exercise . Yes, of course , When choosing sports , Parents should pay special attention to , Because some sports not only don't make children grow tall , It may also slow the child's development .

03. Family environment can more determine a child's character

There are many things that can determine a child's character , In these things , Family environment is an important one . If the family environment is harmonious , Children will be more gentle , Also pay more attention to details . If the family environment is very bad , Then the child may be lonely , Don't want to talk to others .

Conclusion :

In these terms , Parents want a good child , It's not enough just to rely on your other half , You have to make yourself better before you can .

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