The top ten stars with the highest salary in WWE in 2021! Roman is third and Ziegler is bottom!

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 18:07:01

Beijing time. 2021 year 11 month 8 Daily news , Today, senior wrestling media sportskeeda External comments 2021 year WWE The top ten stars with the highest salary ! In today's WWE In , The salary is always equal to the plot strength , Stars with higher salaries , Their time and plot are relatively more awesome. ! And the probability of getting a further push from the company is also higher !

Today, Pingmei will check for you 2021 Ten stars with the highest annual salary ! Doffer · Ziegler bottom , Dessego ranked 10th , This result is not bad for doff , Because doff doesn't have a lot of stories on weekdays , But doff is here 2021 Annual salary of 150 Thousands of dollars , It's still quite rich !

Kevin · Owens ,KO In the past , Repeatedly hinted that he was about to leave WWE, But he is WWE Our salary has been maintained at a fairly high level , You know, Owens compared to doff · Ziegler , Get into WWE It's not long , Doff since 2004 In WWE Make your debut , stay WWE It's been seventeen years , However, Owens's annual salary is higher than that of doff , Arrived 200 Thousands of dollars !

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