From the promotion of Jane Eyre and Wenxin, I have read three career growth rules

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 18:06:51

《 Stars and sea 》 wearing “ Middle aged idol drama ” Shell , In fact, it is a history of the growth of a big woman .

Hostess Jane Eyre ( Liu Tao decoration ) Is a girl with a miserable childhood , She had a happy family , But because her parents are too stubborn , Finally, they hurt each other and died at the same time .

Lose the protection of parents , Jane Eyre's little princess career was forced to end , Her excellent academic performance , Nor can it illuminate her dark childhood .

Another little princess, Wen Xin, grew up in her parents' hands , indeed , Her learning talent is not as outstanding as Jane Eyre , But with the support of my family , She was successfully admitted to a famous University , In this way, she is undoubtedly the pride of heaven !

Wen Xin and Jane Eyre had the same starting point , Even Jane Eyre is a little ahead , But because of family , Jane Eyre lost at the starting line .

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