Actor Yao Yuanhao's mother died of cancer. I received a critical notice at work. I sent a sad message. I miss you very much

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 18:06:48

11 month 8 Friday night , There is media coverage , Male star Yao Yuanhao revealed the news of his mother's cancer death through the agency , And send a message online to miss my mother , Eye watering .

, 39 Yao Yuanhao is tall and handsome , Have acted in 《 Flower is not fog 》《 One carat dream 》 And other classic idol dramas , In recent years, he has transformed into a host , His performance in variety shows is also popular with the audience .

It is reported that , Yao Yuanhao posted a video of traveling to Hokkaido with his mother on the social platform without warning , He confessed his mother affectionately in the video :“ You've been under a lot of pressure with me these years , Thank you for always being my safe haven and making me brave .”

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