Springboot has 44 application initiators

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What is an application launcher ?SpringBoot Integrated spring A lot of modules of , such as tomcat、redis wait . Do you use SpringBoot Set up the project , Only need pom.xml Introduce related dependencies , And simple configuration in the configuration file can use the corresponding module .

Very convenient ,spring boot What initiators are integrated ?

SpringBoot There are basically 44 Kind of , As follows :

1)spring-boot-starter This is a Spring Boot Core starter for , Includes automatic configuration 、 Journal and YAML.

2)spring-boot-starter-actuator Help monitor and manage applications .


adopt spring-rabbit To support AMQP agreement (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol).

4)spring-boot-starter-aop Support aspect oriented programming, that is AOP, Include spring-aop and AspectJ.

5)spring-boot-starter-artemis adopt Apache Artemis Support JMS Of API(Java Message Service API).

6)spring-boot-starter-batch Support Spring Batch, Include HSQLDB database .

7)spring-boot-starter-cache Support Spring Of Cache abstract .

8)spring-boot-starter-cloud-connectors Support Spring Cloud Connectors, Simplified in image Cloud Foundry or Heroku Connecting services on such a cloud platform .

9)spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch Support ElasticSearch Search and analysis engine , Include spring-data-elasticsearch.

10)spring-boot-starter-data-gemfire Support GemFire Distributed data storage , Include spring-data-gemfire.

11)spring-boot-starter-data-jpa Support JPA(Java Persistence API), Include spring-data-jpa、spring-orm、hibernate.

12)spring-boot-starter-data-MongoDB Support MongoDB data , Include spring-data-mongodb.

13)spring-boot-starter-data-rest adopt spring-data-rest-webmvc, Supported by REST expose Spring Data Data warehouse .

14)spring-boot-starter-data-solr Support Apache Solr Search platform , Include spring-data-solr.

15)spring-boot-starter-freemarker Support FreeMarker template engine .

16)spring-boot-starter-groovy-templates Support Groovy template engine .

17)spring-boot-starter-hateoas adopt spring-hateoas Support based on HATEOAS Of RESTful Web service .

18)spring-boot-starter-hornetq adopt HornetQ Support JMS.

19)spring-boot-starter-integration Universal support spring-integration modular .

20)spring-boot-starter-jdbc Support JDBC database .

21)spring-boot-starter-jersey Support Jersey RESTful Web Service Framework .

22)spring-boot-starter-jta-atomikos adopt Atomikos Support JTA Distributed transactions .

23)spring-boot-starter-jta-bitronix adopt Bitronix Support JTA Distributed transactions .

24)spring-boot-starter-mail Support javax.mail modular .

25)spring-boot-starter-mobile Support spring-mobile.

26)spring-boot-starter-mustache Support Mustache template engine .

26)​ ​Spring Advanced source code family bucket , Click to see ​

27)spring-boot-starter-Redis Support Redis The key stores the database , Include spring-redis.

28)spring-boot-starter-security Support spring-security.

29)spring-boot-starter-social-facebook Support spring-social-facebook

30)spring-boot-starter-social-linkedin Support pring-social-linkedin

31)spring-boot-starter-social-twitter Support pring-social-twitter

32)spring-boot-starter-test Support regular test dependencies , Include JUnit、Hamcrest、Mockito as well as spring-test modular .

33)spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf Support Thymeleaf template engine , Include and Spring Integration of .

34)spring-boot-starter-velocity Support Velocity template engine .

35)spring-boot-starter-web S Support full stack type Web Development , Include Tomcat and spring-webmvc.

36)spring-boot-starter-websocket Support WebSocket Development .

37)spring-boot-starter-ws Support Spring Web Services.

Spring Boot The application starter is also oriented to the production environment 2 Kind of , As follows :

38)spring-boot-starter-actuator Added functions related to product launch , Like measurement and monitoring .

39)spring-boot-starter-remote-shell Added remote ssh shell Support for .

Last ,Spring Boot There are also starters that use alternative technology , As follows :

40)spring-boot-starter-jetty Introduced Jetty HTTP engine ( Used for replacement Tomcat).

41)spring-boot-starter-log4j Support Log4J Log framework .

42)spring-boot-starter-logging Introduced Spring Boot Default logging framework Logback.

43)spring-boot-starter-tomcat Introduced Spring Boot default HTTP engine Tomcat.

44)spring-boot-starter-undertow Introduced Undertow HTTP engine ( Used for replacement Tomcat).

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