A famous saying about psychology

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1、 A good teacher , He is a person who knows psychology and Pedagogy .—— Sukhomlinsky

2、 The so-called youth , Is the psychological youth .—— Thanks to Panasonic

3、 People who don't get respect from others , Often have the strongest self-esteem .—— Makarenko

4、 The most ardent need in human nature is the desire to be affirmed .—— William · James

5、 Having no ideal and being indecisive is a sad Psychology .—— Bacon

6、 If you are prepared , All preparations have been completed .—— Shakespeare

7、 Inspiration is not a beautiful wave at all , But the mental state of working hard like a healthy cow .—— Tchaikovsky

8、 Refine calmness from failure , Tap strength in difficulties , Cultivate confidence in wavering , Believe in “ Nothing is difficult in the world , I'm just afraid that those who have a mind ”.

9、 Healthy psychology , Can make people constantly transform themselves , So that I can realize the way of life .

10、 Above the dark clouds is the sun , Success is hidden behind difficulties .

11、 It doesn't matter if you fall , The key is to get up in place and move forward .

12、 If you are frightened by failure , Then success will never smile at you .

13、 In the eyes of the strong , Every door of life has a handle .

14、 People have goals , Never get lost .

15、 Only by constantly thinking of others , Your life will be meaningful , You can make progress .

16、 Lover , People's constant love ; Those who respect others , People always respect it .

17、 Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you , Make three points calm .

18. Inspiration is not a beautiful wave at all , But the mental state of working hard like a healthy cow ———— Tchaikovsky

19. The danger of a lazy mind , Than lazy brothers , I don't know how many times , Inspirational celebrity quotes about work . And cure laziness , It's harder than healing lazy brothers . Because we do a job that we don't want to be unhappy , All parts of the body , Feel uneasy and bored . On the other hand , If you are interested in this kind of work 、 Cheerful , Work efficiency is not only high , The body and mind also feel very comfortable . Because of unsuitable labor , A disease that causes physical and mental depression , Doctors call it laziness .———— Dell · Carnegie

20. Educators should have a deep understanding of the growing people's hearts …… Only in his whole education career, he constantly studies the psychology of students , Deepen your psychological knowledge , To become a real expert in Education .———— Sukhomlinsky

21. It makes sense for a person to think about it , There are generally two ways , First, dig deep holes , Is to do the best in one field , For example, Chen Jingrun does math , Yuan Longping grows rice ; Second, accumulate grain widely , Is to let life experience as much as possible , For example, Xu Xiake and Marco Polo walked around the world , Life is also brilliant . There is not only one way to live , We can sometimes change jobs , Another city , In a different mood , Maybe a different way of life .———— Mr Yu

22. The seriousness of peer-to-peer work , High integrity , Form a balance between freedom and order ———— Roman · Roland

23. Live with integrity , Don't fantasize ! Work honestly , To have a great future .———— dostoyevsky

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