Famous sentence sharing

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Never make any decisions at night .

Always keep 30% The mystery of .

When you don't know if you should say something , Don't say .

Don't take ill breeding as a gas field .

Don't trade secrets for a friend .

Don't take poison tongue as humor , Don't take sarcasm as fun .

Health is the most important .

Men should also maintain their skin .

Don't be angry ! Don't be angry ! Don't be angry !

Know how to brake , More important than being able to accelerate and control the steering wheel .

Remain haughty , But not bullying .

Try to forgive .

You think it's late , It was the earliest time .

Less comparison , There is no comparability between people .

Take care of yourself! , Believe in yourself unconditionally .

Every farewell must be hard , Because every time may be the last time .

Whatever you do , Thinking about the next person .

Sense of cleanliness , More important than fashion .

Everything , Be grateful .

Become a master of greeting .

When your mother asked you how to use your cell phone , Don't complain , She once taught you how to use a spoon .

In this world , Only your mother's lunch is free , The others are paid .

Keep in touch with your family . Value your family , Be filial in time .

When you still can't let him go , Think about how he put you down .

All his inaction , Not because I don't like it enough . Don't sleep too late , Don't love too much .

You think he doesn't like you , In fact, he still bothers you .

Love can be poor , You can't get married .

Don't fall in love with people who look up to themselves .

When you don't like someone , Don't give each other any ambiguous hope , Even a greeting .

Don't be with people you don't like .

Don't underestimate the time around you .

Don't put your curiosity on “ people ” On .

Don't talk too much .

Never stop learning . No matter how busy you are, you have to read , Read more history books . Instead of reading a hundred books , Why don't you read a book a hundred times .

Always keep a curiosity about the world .

Always ahead 15 minute .

Don't talk about people who aren't there .

anytime , Don't cut yourself off .

Psychological cues work .

Don't explain to prejudiced people , Don't argue with biased people .

Stay awake at all times , Keep in doubt .

When you can't understand , Just try to be considerate .

The smaller the promise, the more we should keep it .

Look around , Behave quietly , No noise .

The second half of the old saying is :“ It's better to read a lot of people than a famous teacher , It's better to learn by yourself than by a famous teacher .”

Any life advice , If it can't be your understanding , Finally, it's just nonsense .

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