The cotton padded shoes were swept away and the code was broken

Life journey 2021-11-25 17:54:01

There was a blizzard yesterday , It hasn't snowed so much in Tianjin for many years .

It stopped at 4 p.m .

It's usually two minutes' drive , It took half an hour to drive the car out of the mud pit yesterday . The wheels spin in place many times ! It's hard to control the direction .

The child's cotton padded shoes are small , Didn't stock up before blizzard , Before the snow freezes , Drive to the mall to buy shoes for the children . such , Turn to heaven and learn not to freeze your feet .

Bad day , There are few people in the mall , You can go to the shelf in the children's shoes area , But stupid !

Every kind of 、 Large and small children's cotton padded shoes , A few pairs are on the shelf , This feeling is not very comfortable , That means a lot of people came to the children before me “ Grab shoes ” 了 !

Why “ Grab shoes ” Well ?! Just like me, I found that the children's shoes are small ?! It's definitely not .

The waiter came up and asked me what size shoes I needed , Pick one on the shelf and try it , Out of stock .

I couldn't help asking :“ Is it broken today ?”

The waiter smiled helplessly and replied to me :“ Yes ! From this morning to two or three o'clock in the afternoon , Adults buy cotton padded shoes for their children , Because of the blizzard .”

Because of the blizzard ?! I wonder , There is still a feeling of famine . No matter the , Be busy choosing a pair for the children first , After all, we really have no shoes to wear .

Like a bone in an egg , At last we managed to make up two pairs , I really don't like the style , But it would be nice to have a size .

It was dark when I got home , Looking at the thick snow outside the window , Listen to the sound of being run over by the wheel , My heart is full of worry .

The road after one night must be a world of ice and water , How hard should it be for adults to go to work and children to go to school , As one can imagine .

Warm fitting shoes are available , The road left for the next day is suck. .

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