Meng Wanzhou and PI Yaqi have similar experiences and different endings

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The same thing , The same U.S. Department of justice , Different enterprises , Country , Got very different results .

2021-9-24 Ms. Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, took a charter flight , Leave Canada , Returned to the embrace of the motherland , There is a strong motherland behind this , There are also unyielding Huawei , However, former Alstom executives , Frederick · Pieruzi is not so lucky .


Alstom (Alstom), Is a large multinational French company , Headquartered near Paris, France , Its main business is power and rail transit infrastructure , It is the world's second largest rail transit equipment manufacturer and solution supplier after CRRC .

In the United States 《 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 》 To limit the use of individuals by U.S. companies to bribe foreign government officials , It also makes relevant provisions on the financial and accounting system of Listed Companies in the United States . In short , Whenever the settlement currency is US dollars , Or use American websites , Mail, etc. , Could be prosecuted under the law , It is the extraterritorial law of the United States on global judicial hegemony .

1.《 The American Trap 》

《 The American Trap 》 This book was written by Frederick · Pieruzzi , According to his own arrest by the U.S. Department of justice , The true story of Alstom's compromise , Written personal experience . Chinese translation is also very appropriate , This is a trap , A trap woven by the United States for multinational corporations or individuals .

2013-4-14 As the marketing and sales director of Alstom , Pieruzi went to the United States on business because of the project , When he lands at Kennedy International Airport in New York , He was arrested , He was somehow taken to a single cell , After meeting with the prosecutor , Just know his crime :2003 Talahan power station project in Indonesia , Involving bribery .

The project does have a bribery part , Alstom bribes Indonesian government officials through intermediaries , To get the order . Piyazzi knew about it , And according to the company's internal “ Middleman decision making “ And do something , In other words, bribery exists inside Alstom , And there is a complete process , The essence is to carry the pot .

2003 year , distance 2013 Years have passed 10 Years of affairs , And now it's taken out , Accuse pierzy of committing a crime 《 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 》, We are about to face the disaster of imprisonment , And the duration may be lifelong .

Pierzieben, who has just entered his cell, is counting on action at the company level , However, in the face of the coercion and inducement of the prosecutor , If you don't plead guilty , What will happen , Even showed piyazzi up to 150 Ten thousand pieces of evidence . The company did not send its own legal team , Instead, he hired a local lawyer , Back and forth , The price of bail ranges from 40 Ten thousand dollars rose to 150 Ten thousand dollars is still not negotiable .

After pieruzi realized the reality , Finally pleaded guilty , besides , There's no way to get him out of his cell . The company unilaterally copied pieruzi because he didn't go to work on time . At that time, the French Embassy in the United States was also indifferent to this matter , I didn't take it seriously , When the government reacts , Alstom is about to be acquired by American general motors .


From prison to prison , To talk about bail and mortgage a friend's house in the United States ,2014 year 9 month 17 Japan Pieruzi returned to France , At that time, the U.S. Department of justice was still talking with Alstom about fines , General Motors is talking about buying , His trial dragged on .

2017-9-25 Pieruzi waited for the last “ punishment “, Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment 30 Months . later , He was finally free . Before and after 6 More than a year .

《 Anti overseas corruption 》

Pieruzi was treated as a chicken in this plot , Catch it and show it to the monkey . The U.S. Department of justice caught him with , Force Alstom executives to , Cooperate with the corruption of the U.S. Department of justice ” survey “, The final penalty is a fine 7.7 Billion dollars , More force Alstom CEO Pacrolon sells the company's main business to the United States , In order to escape the accountability of the U.S. Department of justice , Finally, the entire French infrastructure and maintenance business was sold to American general motors .

This means , It's a common technique in the United States , Through extraterritorial jurisdiction , Interfere in the operation of Companies in other countries , Pass fine , On the one hand, it can realize fiscal revenue , The other is to seek the interests of domestic companies . Driven by this long arm law , Among the top ten fine companies , Only 1 It's a local American company .

panasonic (Panasonic)2.8 Billion dollars

Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse)4700 Thousands of dollars

Ericsson (Ericsson)10.6 Billion dollars

Wal-Mart (Walmart)2.8 Billion dollars

Benchmarking Ms. Meng

Here we are , We see pieruzi after a long struggle , From an executive of a multinational company to a prisoner , From a qualified French citizen , Became a French citizen with a U.S. case , The struggle , Prison disaster , unemployment , career , It has had a serious impact on the family , today , He started his own company in France , Provide consulting services to multinational corporations , In case someone , There are companies , Suffer the same treatment .

When Ms. Meng Wanzhou returned to China , Pieruzi said publicly : I'm not so lucky .

He is not so lucky to be protected by the company he works for , Nor is it protected by its own country , Just a worker , Finally, he became an abandoned migrant worker .

I remember when Ms. Meng set foot on her way home , How happy Chinese people are , How happy hot search is , Yeah , This is the person we won back by relying on national strength , The state did not give up , The Chinese did not give up , The strength of our motherland gives us confidence , In the face of a strong and unyielding confidence .


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