The sea of stars: Liu Tao portrays the true image of migrant workers. Love and bread can't have both

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《 Stars and sea 》 Probably this year's one “ Dark horse ” Love drama , Originally, when the play was announced and put on file , Everyone is not very optimistic about this “ Middle aged marisu drama ”, Especially the emotional drama of the two stars in the play makes everyone feel very “ Dog blood ”.

But after the TV play was officially broadcast , The final viewing effect shows a lot of problems , The two leading actors in the play are Liu Tao and Lin �o Although this is the first cooperation , But the two people's opposite scenes in the play make everyone feel very amazing .

Now the play is still on the air , And everyone gave feedback , It's time to broadcast every day , The TV at home will lock in the play .

The role played by Liu Tao in the play is a very inspirational female role , The first few episodes mainly introduce the childhood life of Jane Eyre played by Liu Tao .

Both parents died after a quarrel , Being bullied by classmates on campus , Grew up in my aunt's house , My aunt is still a man of preference for boys , So Jane Eyre's childhood , Even the life of teenagers is very miserable . Through this description, it further shows Jane Eyre's character , A very strong 、 Brave woman .

Liu Tao has played many roles since his debut , And there are great differences between roles , She can always catch the soul of every character .

Liu Tao once challenged the modeling of white lady , Before that 《 The white snake 》 Bai Suzhen in is a classic character , This is another classic white snake image after Zhao Yazhi .

Besides, she played 《 Good wife 》 The heroine is a very weak role , Always think more about others in the play , Always put your own interests last .

And in the 《 Ode to joy 》 Andy, a strong career woman challenged by Liu Tao, also makes everyone feel very classic , This role and 《 Good wife 》 The role in is completely opposite , Liu Tao has performed every character with different characters very well .

This time on TV 《 Stars and sea 》 in , Liu Tao plays Jane Eyre in order to realize her ideal , A man came to work in other places , Liu Tao really deduces the essence of migrant workers .

The play was on the heat list before , One of the entries is particularly interesting , This entry is “ Did Liu Tao stay at the construction site ”, Because Jane Eyre is a newcomer in the play , And she doesn't have a degree , She worked harder to keep her job .

There is a scene in the play where she eats with a lunch box , It really looks like a real migrant worker , Liu Tao is really acting like something . I've seen Liu Tao's performance this time , Everyone also hopes to have more acting skills 、 Good actors with strength can have more exposure .

Jane Eyre's career growth is really a very inspirational story , From a little girl without experience and Education , Gradually, her working ability has been recognized by many senior leaders , And I made many good friends .

Many details about the workplace in the play are very real , For example, Jane Eyre is a newcomer , Other colleagues will give her all the dirty work . As a newcomer without background , I worry about losing my job every day .

But up to now , What worries everyone most is that it happened , I was at my aunt's house before , Jane Eyre has no chance to read , Although I have been preparing for the self-study exam , But I haven't had the chance to participate in .

In order to successfully enter the company , Jane Eyre made a fake diploma , Although her ability to work has been affirmed , But for Jane Eyre , Education is always an insurmountable gap .

As the plot progresses , Jane Eyre's fake education was exposed , Then he left the company , But as an inspirational career woman , Jane Eyre can't be defeated like this .

The latest plot makes everyone feel very worried , Before, Jane Eyre and Fang Hengzhi had a good feeling for each other because of their work , But now Fang Hengzhi is engaged to another woman ?

Because of the interests of the family , Fang Hengzhi cannot choose his marriage , Haramoto Hengzhi is still preparing to marry Jane Eyre , And was discovered by careful Jane Eyre , Jane Eyre has been immersed in happiness and sweetness , Unexpectedly, Fang Hengzhi has been engaged to others .

Although Fang Hengzhi said he could get engaged, he would never get married , But where should his relationship with Jane Eyre go ? Jane Eyre is a very self-improvement person , Naturally, she does not allow such an episode in her feelings , The two are destined to break up next !

《 Stars and sea 》 The play doesn't have too many flashy settings , The content is more suitable for real life and work , You can't do whatever you want in the adult world , Any decision is forward-looking 、 Think about it again and again .

The play is really inspirational and positive , But it will also make everyone feel very sad , The helplessness of life , Love and bread can't have both .

At present, the play is still popular , Next, Jane Eyre and Fang Hengzhi can break through the shackles of reality ? Can be together again ? Let's hope together !

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