Fang Yuan took her two daughters to the party. She wore Princess clothes, covered her mouth shyly, and had long curly hair. She was very beautiful

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Guo Fucheng is busy doing his own business , His wife Fang Yuan became a rich wife .

Fang Yuan, sister-in-law of heavenly king, shares her latest life trends , Take your two daughters to the party , Mother and daughter take beautiful photos together , I feel Fang Yuan is a lot more beautiful .

Judging from the nature of the party , It should be Fang Yuan who took her two daughters to her best friend's birthday party . Mother and daughter rarely share photos together , Three people huddled together at the party , Super warm and happy feeling .

Fang Yuan was wearing a white dress that day , The whole person's temperament is as warm and generous as lily , The elegant style is very outstanding , Especially with her long hair , Very gentle and moving .

In the group photo of mother and daughter , Fang Yuan doesn't forget to sun her beautiful legs . She sat in the middle with a daughter in one hand , The eldest daughter C Bao is wearing an orange princess dress , In a pigtail , Cover your mouth shyly . It's obvious that she already has a feeling for the camera , And start to tilt your head and do your lovely little moves in the camera .

I have to say that the girl has grown up slowly , And feel C Bao lost a lot of weight , The face doesn't feel as fleshy as it was a year ago . The younger daughter is still in the shape of a doll , She's wearing a purple butterfly dress , Wearing a sheep's horn braid , Cute and cute .

The two daughters leaned against their mother Fang Yuan , I have to say three women are super beautiful , Especially when my mother is so young , Holding two little princesses is very enviable .

In other photos , The eldest daughter C Bao also scattered his hair , Fang Yuan described it as her new hairstyle , A head of curly hair looks more and more graceful from the back . There is a posture that my family has a girl growing up .

Compare the pictures of the eldest daughter when she was a child , Two years ago, Fang Yuan and her mother held C Bao took a group photo and took a selfie , At that time, she was also very cute with a ball in her head .

On the last Mid Autumn Festival , Fang Yuan also showed up with her husband Guo Fucheng , And a group photo of two daughters . At that time C Bao has begun to feel a lot thinner , She looks more like her mother Fang Yuan in figure and appearance .

It seems that mother Fang Yuan wants to guide her two daughters to develop in beauty and fashion , Especially under the extremely high exposure of Guo Fucheng's two daughters , This possibility is great .

In a twinkling of an eye, the children have grown up , Does Guo Fucheng, who already has two baby daughters, plan to continue his next son ?

According to Hong Kong media , Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan seldom talk about continuing to have children . But in “ More is more ” On this topic , Guo Fucheng once said in an interview that he would let nature take its course .

Wife Fang Yuan has energy and time , Young and beautiful, she also takes great care of Guo Fucheng's feelings . So when it comes to having children , As long as Guo Fucheng is willing to , It is estimated that 3 individual 4 Neither of them is a problem !

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