The details of Pu Youtian's drug test were exposed. The professor of Police University denied the drug test of leg hair, but sampled anal hair

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:53:36

Two years ago. , Park Youtian, a well-known Korean actor, was sentenced to prison on suspicion of taking drugs , At that time, the whole network caused great repercussions , At the peak of his acting career , It can definitely be said that it is a good hand and plays poorly , Now, although he has been released from prison , But want to get back to the top , It's almost impossible .

recently , A senior professor from Korea Police University , Publicize law popularization on personal short video platform , He mentioned how he did poison test for park Youtian in those years , And clarified some untrue remarks on the Internet at that time .

Because Park Youtian was arrested by the police , Do dye your hair yellow , And did a beauty project to remove leg hair , The purpose is to escape the police investigation , Cover up the fact that you take drugs , But I didn't expect that drug ingredients were detected from him , And then the most popular version , That's what was detected from his leg hair .

But man is not as good as heaven , Park Youtian didn't expect the police to be so careful , Because the poison was tested from the leg hair , At that time, park Youtian really staged a large-scale social death scene , Many people take him as a joke .

However, what people never expected was , The police didn't take a test sample from his leg hair , But in a particularly embarrassing place , It can be said that it is difficult to speak , More disgusting than leg hair .

According to the professor's disclosure in the program , Testing poison with his leg hair is untrue , In fact, he pulled out the hair on his anus for poison test , He also stressed that the police knew about it .

In this way , Park Youtian lost face, but he lost a lot , If you had admitted to taking drugs , Not to make so many jokes , I guess my intestines are going to regret now .

But then again , Park Youtian was caught taking drugs in a big circle , If it weren't for “ Shengli gate incident ” Be exposed , It's probably hard to catch this drug addict hiding in the entertainment industry , Of course, thanks to his old love, Huang horna , Directly report Park Youtian's instigation of drug abuse , This successfully attracted the attention of the police .

Fortunately, , Park Youtian didn't spend much time in prison , Only detained 68 It will be released in days , The way he came out of prison , I can't bear to look straight at , Haggard face, vicissitudes of life , Unkempt and ugly , More ordinary than ordinary people .

Of course, it didn't affect his comeback , So South Korea's tolerance for bad artists is too high , If in our country , I won't give him a second .

And just last week , History is always strikingly similar , Park you Hwan, a well-known Korean actor, was investigated by the police for smoking marijuana , And he has a loud identity , That's Park Youtian's brother .

My brother followed in my brother's footsteps , Together, they went to the road of being caught taking drugs , This family is really very annoying , Set a very bad example for the fans , It should be blocked to the end , Instead of condoning .

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