Chen Lan's son is not tired with her baby. He holds the sleeping milk emperor in his arms to prevent sneak photography. Guo biting greets the people

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 17:52:15

Maybe many people have different views on Chen Lan and Xiang Huaqiang , I think the couple are a little extreme . When I had a good relationship with Cecilia Cheung , Say Cecilia Cheung is her own daughter , In any case, it will help Cecilia Cheung . But once Cecilia Cheung doesn't listen to them , They started talking about banning Cecilia Cheung , Don't give Cecilia Cheung face at all .

But no matter what Chen Lan and Xiang Huaqiang look like in front of outsiders , The marriage created by these two people , It can really be said that there is a strong family atmosphere . Xiang Huaqiang had a wife and children before Chen Lan , But after marrying Chen Lan and having children , In the entertainment industry, there is no scandal . And Xiang Huaqiang also said to Chen Lan , I only love her in my life .

Because Xiang Huaqiang is loyal to Chen Lan , As a strong woman, Chen Lan has a great voice in the entertainment circle , You can also contact a lot of people , We have never seen Chen Lan compare marriage , Sorry for the family's behavior . Compared with the stars in the entertainment industry , If you have a little money , Just emotionally , Dissatisfaction with the other half of the marriage .

Xiang Huaqiang and Chen Lan really convey a kind of , No matter how rich or powerful , We should also adhere to social morality , Be a loving couple . Grow up in such a family atmosphere , Xiang Zuo's character is naturally trustworthy . From the recent situation of Guo biting and Xiang Zuo, who met by netizens , You will find that Guo biting is still very relaxed after becoming a mother .

When I went out with the milk queen , Guo biting didn't bring a nanny to Zuo , I didn't bring a stroller , But the couple holding their daughter . Maybe I'm tired , The little milk queen soon fell asleep . Sleeping children , Xiang Zuo held it directly in his arms , When walking , And look around from time to time , To prevent others from snapping .

Compared with Xiang Zuo, he went out to prevent sneak photography and took great care of his daughter , Guo biting seems very friendly . When Guo biting knew someone was filming her , Smile at the camera , And take the initiative to say hello , Not like Xiang Zuo with a straight face . Although Xiang Zuo is in front of outsiders because he cares too much about his daughter , The image is a little bad .

But I have to admit , As a father , Xiang Zuo was quite successful , When taking care of my daughter , Also let everyone see his care for his wife , I don't want Guo biting to work hard . If you still remember that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung didn't get along before the divorce , You will find that although Nicholas Tse often makes action scenes , Still a man .

But when you bring the baby , Nicholas Tse has to admit that it's hard to hold his son , It was once strange , Why can Cecilia Cheung hold her baby as a woman all day . Maybe Cecilia Cheung didn't work hard when holding her child , But feel like a mother , When children need themselves, they have to hold .

That is to say, when Cecilia Cheung brought her baby , In fact, I hope Nicholas Tse can help , But Nicholas Tse thought Cecilia Cheung took care of the children easily , Just throw all the children to Cecilia Cheung . Xiang Zuo now knows that his wife Guo biting is also a stay at home mother , But when taking care of the children with Guo biting , Xiang Zuo never took it for granted that his wife should take care of her children , Or it's easy .

Maybe Xiang Zuo is a very obedient boy in front of Chen Lan , Is a male star who can't live without his mother , But I have to admit , Starting your own family , After having a daughter and a wife , Xiang Zuo is a responsible person , Men who are also willing to take action and work hard . Even if the outside world thinks Guo biting has married in a rich family life , I have to admit Xiang Zuo's care for the family , And the wealth brought by the native family , Ensure that Guo biting and her children have a carefree future .

So do you think Xiang Zuo should be praised ?

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